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Slade is dying, and the means of saving his life may lie in the Terminator's past. Plus, who is Sweet Lili, not to mention her white-haired daughter?

Total Chaos part 4 of 9. While Deathstroke, the New Titans, and the Team Titans figure out their next step in finding the kidnapped Donna Troy, Deathstroke passes out. The sickness he has been infected with is eating away his reserve. Wintergreen and Changeling bring Deathstroke to bed and watch over him. While Changeling is distracted, Deathstroke decides to leave to deal with the sickness on his own. He and Wintergreen blast out of the Titans’ temporary base, and escape.

To keep his mind on something other than his ailment, Wintergreen prompts Deathstroke to tell him a story of old friends. Deathstroke talks about his time in Cambodia, when he and other American troops liberate a brothel run by Sweet Lili. Sweet Lili convinces Deathstroke and his allies to help her free her friends held captive by the Khmer Rouge. During the firefight, Deathstroke is wounded, and Lili rescues him and the two fell in love, eventually fleeing to Thailand.

In the present, Wintergreen brings a feverish Deathstroke to Sweet Lili, who has also provided protection to the pick-pocket gang from last issue. There, Deathstroke meets Lili’s daughter Rose, who is old enough to be Deathstroke’s daughter as well. Sweet Lili promises to help Deathstroke escape New York City, but instead he finds himself captured.

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