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The end of the Terminator

DC's relaunch (or reboot) has made some several differences in characters all around it's universe, though others only suffered minor changes or, at least, a relocation of it's story in time, changing the continuity - Slade Wilson was a character that suffered minor changes, in fact, this is one of the titles that most looked like an 80's publishing by DC and I say that because Kyle Higgins decided to make a very intelligent aproach on the character, bringing him closer to the classic stories of Marv Wolfman in the 80s, especially the arc story "Hunted". Wilson isn't a hero, he's muscle to be hired, but he's losing his rep, so agressive negotiations are the order of the day, and that's exaclty what we get in this 8 run issues: blood spilled, guts, decapitations, explosions, action all over the place and perhaps the most violent book of the new 52. So what went wrong? Why DC handled the title to Rob Liefeld? I believe that what made this book looks great, also was it's weakest point (or quoting Slade: "it was the Achiles' heel"), let me develop this idea: I said earlier that this title didn't delivered much change in the character, the only differences are some few new elements (a tech/weapon designer that Wilson works with and his "agent"), but the core of the character was intact, and though this proved to be super cool, perhaps, to some readers (especially the eager to changes), this wasn't enough. In fact, this book has nothing new at all, it's all refurnished ideas from the 80s: Slade fighting against his powers, Wilson's children, the enemy, but what was good then? The dialogues, the outfit of the character, the fact that he's trying so hard to prove he's still the best, the art of Joe Bennet (and Eduardo Pansica), even the plot was good. This wasn't a reboot of the character, just a different aproach on his past and what ticks him. I really don't understand why DC chose to make such a drastic change in the creative team in this title, ok, this wasn't inovative or even excellent, but it sure was way better than Liefeld's ideas and concepts!

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