the_mighty_monarch's Deathstroke #4 - Time's Up review

Awesome With a Few New Pinches of Depth

The Good: The cover is incredibly badass and intense. While some of the previous covers have been overdoing it a bit, this one finds the perfect razor's edge balance. What really makes it is the text. That's a line that's just so very 'Deathstroke.'
All the action in the issue is just so extreme, badass, and intense. It's downright awesome in every way. Even if you find the plot to be lacking (which it is much less so in this issue) it's hard to deny that the action sequences are pure unrestrained AWESOME.
The story is starting to get deeper, differentiating itself from the high octane non-stop badassery of the first three issues. Anyone who's been clamboring for more story should get some satisfaction from this issue, as we get some relaxing down time, some answers, some more focus, some cympathy for the character, and some plot advancement.
And as for one of the more major plot twists, I don't even want to say what the twist is about but I did NOT expect it at all, I was blown away by the revelation.
Deathstroke's status quo is already being messed up. Powerful forces are keeping Deathstroke on his toes, but he's working his way towards them. The subtle yet elaborate gambits stacking against each other in this issue are great.
The Bad: I liked the plot for the framing device of the issue, but I feel like it could've used some more setup. It had a lot of potential that was wasted in using the story AS a framing device. Plus it means the cover only represented the first few pages of the issue, and wasn't really a good fit.
As awesome as the big plot twist was, I can't help but think that newer readers will be confused by it. It relates to a big piece of Deathstroke's history that hasn't been explained in this series as far as I can remember.
In Conclusion: 4.5/5
This issue brings things back up to the quality they started out at. Things were still pretty badass, but had been running the risk of getting too shallow. A whole lot of that is recitified in this issue, and that's just awesome. Deathstroke is awesome. I couldn't ask for much more from a Deathstroke series.


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