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Higgins finally wised up. 0

The Good: I was frustrated by the last issue of this series, because it had no real story at all: just Slade carving up anyone who tried to f**k with him. I don't need a monthly reminder that Slade's a badass; I already know that. I wanted stories befitting the character. With this issue, it seems like a story is finally being built up, a concrete arc to go with all the action. The slaughterfests of the last two issues are given a reason, they are now ingredients to a larger story. With that sai...

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What Is a Man, But a Legacy Waiting to Die? 0

The Good: Deathstroke's opening monologue is SUPERB. It digs deep to his core and describes exactly what he is and why we should root for him. It ALSO sets the tone of the issue, and sets things up to come around full circle with what could otherwise be a forgettable foe. The idea of what makes a 'Warrior' and the importance of a 'Legacy' are heavily emphasized, and it makes this issue feel deeper than the first two. The mystery of the briefcase is handled very well here. It's not quite dangled ...

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Failure. 0

The opening monologue goes to show just how much Higgins doesn't understand Deathstroke. Deathstroke has always been about the honor of it all and has always been loyal to USA...The "training" scene with Deathstroke and the weapon's guy utterly destroys the whole "badass" thing Higgins has been trying to build up as does the someone getting the kill other than Deathstroke.It's not a bad story, but it's nothing good either...especially since Higgins has set out to make him a "badass" but doesn't ...

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Getting A Bit Stale 0

The Story: Deathstroke faces off against a new threat known as Legacy. My Thoughts:I really had high hopes for this series. I wanted a good Deathstroke series to read but unfortunately, this series is beginning to get a little stale. It's repetitive nature is becoming a bit rediculous.  Every issue it seems Deathstroke kills a bunch of people. I know he's known as Deathstroke the Terminator but killing people (whether good or bad) can only last so long. Eventually it will get tiresome if there i...

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