ganthetsward20's Deathstroke #20 - Prodigal Sons review

The End (in many ways)

What We Can Love About It:
I honestly love the dysfunction that Slade's family has. Not to mention that they are pretty similar to how I knew them pre New 52. Now I'm not reading Ravagers or Team 7 so I don't know how true that statement is but this book alone supports it I think. I loved that Adeline came through at her end and told slade about how she was taken control of and forced to hate him, I feel that makes the pain of Slades loss hit more but also some small comfort he is in much need of. A bit of irony does show up. Joseph tried to reunite the family and kill his father but pretty much the opposite happens.

What We Can Hate About The Book:
I know nothing about what's been happening in The Ravagers and Team 7 so I'm completely lost on the who's who side of stuff. I know the family but some dude who's responsible for Majestic and why Terra shows up is all very confusing. I feel the cover is lacking, THIS IS THE LAST ISSUE! And it has Terra, who wasn't a main point to the story, on it fighting slade. So the I feel the choice is bad looks nice. There was no "last issue" tag in the book so if you're a new reader and read this issue your loss dude/dudet go back to the begging and read 1-8 then skip Liefeld's work cause it was bad then jump back on and possibly pick up The ravagers and Team 7 (which are also ending this month) and play connect the dots.

With Their Powers Combined:
It sucks and that why i'm giving the book 3 stars. Everybody died sorta and I hated that because aside from his ****** we know everyone will be back. So we come to the end with death, a last issue, the end of conflict, and possibly one of the last few times this wonderful character will get to carry his own series. I'm bummed out now :/

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