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Pure Action

The Story: 

Deathstroke seeks the name of the client responsible for the airplane job. When he's unable to get what he wants, he puts his sword to great use. 

My Thoughts:

Writer Kyle Higgins managed to impress me enough on the first issue for me to continue reading this series. I was hoping for something a little more than what we were given within these pages. The issue is certainly action-packed which we were all expecting since it's a Deathstroke series but I was hoping for a little more story development stemming from the ending of the previous issue. 

Things get out of hand as the fight ends up moving to the highway where Deathstroke goes on a rampage as he kills everyone in his path and makes it look so easy. The issue certainly made Deathstroke look cool and showed off his abilities and tactical skills.

Joe Bennett does a great job once again. He's one of my favorite artists whose style I really enjoy. This issue may not be very story driven and relies heavily on action but Joe Bennett makes those action sequences seem very cool. He does a great job capturing all the decapitation being dished out by Deathstroke. 

The name of the issue is Carpocalypse which sounds pretty dumb. Don't let it discourage you from picking this up though. This is a pure action issue with little character and story development. I'd still recommend picking it up and giving it a shot. It sounds like the series is going to get better real soon.  

Rating: 3/5

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