durakken's Deathstroke #2 - The Carpocalypse review

This was like a Twinkie

Skip issue #1 again. This is where you want to start if you want to read Deathstroke, This does a good job at making Deathstroke look really cool, smart, and skilled. His character is all wrong, but ignoring that we're still with a pretty cool filler/intro issue. That being said it's 19 pages and advances the plot not at all... and while it's action scenes are all well and good if I were to compare this to food... it's a twinkie... a guilty pleasure with no substance and probably bad for you and your tastes.


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    A Carcophony of Carmaggedeon Carnage 0

    The Good: The interior art is great. The fight scenes are chaotic and badass, and the scenes in between have some good setup that's well paced. The various threats thrown at Deathstroke are all pretty unimportant in and of themselves, but they still have a superb level of variety and uniqueness to them. It makes the scene more interesting. The easy summary of this issue is thus, Deathstroke is a badass. He goes all out, and slices through anything that crossed his path. As he chases down the man...

    4 out of 5 found this review helpful.

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