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Ahem. Jack here. Well, I came back to comics after maybe ten years when I heard about the new 52. I decided it was the perfect chance to start over. And there were a lot of great books! I picked up Deathstroke and thought it was pretty good, with nice art, and a different sort of title character. I knew of Slade, but had never read a book with him before. I kept up with it through issue 7, and then didn't pick up 8. But then I heard the news: Rob Liefeld was taking over! Wtf? Didn't see that coming. I hadn't been reading Hawk and Dove, and was even surprised that he was still the "whipping boy" after all these years. I figured I would check it out and see if things had changed. Hooo boy. First things first: the art. I'm not going to attack Liefeld, or go on one of those hateful rants I see all over the place, but MAN. From the first page I could pick out many problems. A back that is too big here, a fist that has a displaced thumb there....eyes that don't match up....feet that are either too tiny or don't exist at all....everyone looks exactly the same....extreme lack of backgrounds....same poses every page....weird perspectives....ahem...sorry. Got off track there....okay. Anyway, his art hasn't changed in all those years. I don't really care for it, but ten years ago I didn't notice the glaring problems that I see now. I guess because I was younger, it was a different era, and everything was extreme. Hey, energy drinks were a totally new and rad thing! Okay, the writing. Hooo boy. Again. Very bland, very cliche, very 80's A Team episode. This newest issue of the whole Lobo story didn't wrap things up in a satisfying way for me. I don't think Slade is dumb enough to think that he was able to blow Lobo up and kill him for good, especially after seeing how he was obliterated, and healed up real nice within seconds the last time. Cmon. And Lobo keeps changing his speech. First he's all "I am a Czarnian warrior and the LAST of my race, foolish mortal!" and then two minutes later he's all, "Hey, ya friggin' bastich! I'm gonna chop you up real good like!" Bad characterization! And let's not forget the whole Sheba thing. Lobo cares about nothing but his bike, and his space dolphins. That's it. Sheba? What? No. I really feel like that softens him up too much and changes the dynamic of the character. Blech. Well, in closing, I continue to buy the book for two reasons: I want to support the character of Deathstroke until the creative team changes and we get a better duo; and two, I find myself enjoying the bad art, because it's fun to pick out the flaws. Oh, one last thing. Where the FRAG is Lobo's chain and hook? AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!-Jack Oh, and one MORE thing: Don't those two covers up top look pretty friggin' similar to the D-Stroke cover? Yeeeeaahhhh......tsk tsk, Liefeld.....


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