serberus08's Deathstroke #12 - The Omega Agenda review

Slade Into Wade?

Man, i think the greatest feeling of reading this issue was that the whole time it felt like the Liefeld run was coming to a welcomed end. The role where still reversed in some ways - Lobo being the developed character with a serious line of dialogue and Slade pretty much sounding like a 6 year old girl. The only real difference between Deathstroke the universe killing Deadpool is that throughout this issue Slade didn't have three different points of dialogue that where interacting with each other and spouting really badly timed jokes. The writing of the issue was a little bit stingy, I'm not a fan of Slade saying things like "blowing the planet to bits" and campy quips like "I love it when a plan comes together" (paraphrase)

The art wasn't bad but it seemed that a lot of it was identical to past panels. I was exceedingly pleased that this three issues wrapped up and was really ready to start loving this series again but the oh so great cliffhanger was added with Lobo's lady friend, "DC she-hulk" giving me a reason to drop this series if the creative is still resting on the shoulders of Liefeld for issue 12 and future singles (hopefully not).

I think 2 other people rated this high, was because the entire issue leaned toward the end of the writer/artist's reign, I thought it was better then the last two for the same reason.


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    rob leifeld -_- 0

    rob leifeld literately destroyed vol2 of the deathstroke series. DC why are you continuously letting rob leifeld destroy some of your best comics that had a lot of potential? grifter,hawk and dove, and savage hawkman all had a good start until rob leifeld starting drawing these comics horribly!1.5 worst artwork ever (next to youngblood). You can hardly get into the storyline of DC's two most popular,original supervillians brawl it out....

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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