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Slade Into Wade? 0

Man, i think the greatest feeling of reading this issue was that the whole time it felt like the Liefeld run was coming to a welcomed end. The role where still reversed in some ways - Lobo being the developed character with a serious line of dialogue and Slade pretty much sounding like a 6 year old girl. The only real difference between Deathstroke the universe killing Deadpool is that throughout this issue Slade didn't have three different points of dialogue that where interacting with each oth...

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Ugh. 0

Ahem. Jack here. Well, I came back to comics after maybe ten years when I heard about the new 52. I decided it was the perfect chance to start over. And there were a lot of great books! I picked up Deathstroke and thought it was pretty good, with nice art, and a different sort of title character. I knew of Slade, but had never read a book with him before. I kept up with it through issue 7, and then didn't pick up 8. But then I heard the news: Rob Liefeld was taking over! Wtf? Didn't see that com...

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rob leifeld -_- 0

rob leifeld literately destroyed vol2 of the deathstroke series. DC why are you continuously letting rob leifeld destroy some of your best comics that had a lot of potential? grifter,hawk and dove, and savage hawkman all had a good start until rob leifeld starting drawing these comics horribly!1.5 worst artwork ever (next to youngblood). You can hardly get into the storyline of DC's two most popular,original supervillians brawl it out....

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