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Hunt for Lobo part 4, The final battle with Lobo by writer/artist ROB LIEFELD!

Lobo has started the World Breaker Protocol, and has beaten Slade almost to death. Slade retreats with a plan and Lobo is forced to battle Tigorr and Primus. It is revealed that Primus was the one to free Lobo in the first place, because only Lobo knew where the Starpoint ship was hidden and how to start the engines. Primus also reveals that he turned off the World Breaker. Zealot over hears this and is furious with Primus for his trechery in freeing Lobo, but Primus tries to explain that Maxim isn't as nice as he apppears. This distraction makes it so Lobo can escape Primus's phyic grip. He doesn't get far, because Slade runs him down with Lobo's flying motorcycle and fly the pair skyward. There the two fight and Slade is able to jet pack away as Lobo and his motorcycle explode. Feeling Lobo is truly dead, Slade returns to Maxim for his payment. He also threatens Maxim that if he ever hurts Zealot, he's have to deal with Slade, then leaves Zealot with a parting kiss.

Later back at Maxim lab, it is revealed that Lobo's love, Sheba is still being held prisoner, and alive.

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