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The Main Man's Back, bless the 90s

I don't care what other people say

I'm just overfilled with joy to see the Main Man making his debut in the New 52.

And who should be more appropriate to re-introduce THE ultimate 90s anti-hero, than the man who has coined and championed the concept itself back in it's glory days, Rob Liefeld himself. Not to mention guest-starring another 90s icon, Zealot.

In this issue we finally get to see more of the Last Czarnian. He may not be as funny as we remember him, but it's still him. Destroying an entire planet over a minor offence? Totally his shtick. We even get a reference to the running joke of him demolishing his favorite diner.

The rest is you'r standard 90s fare with over-dramatic exposition over trivial things, and huge, sweaty muscles. Makes me feel like a kid again. Now if we only got us some huge guns and massive explosions...But we'll probably get plenty of those in the next issue.


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