the_mighty_monarch's Deathstroke #1 - Back to Basics review

The Road to Badassery is Paved With The Blood of Losers

The Good: Wow. If you're trying to remake Deathstroke into a badass, that cover's a good start. 
And although I think the cover is a little over-the-top too far, the interior art isn't so. It suits the series perfectly. 
I'm pretty sure Deathstroke killed J. Jonah Jameson... In Russia. 
God, there's is just so much awesome little stuff Deathstroke does to SHOW he's a badass. We aren't just taking his word for it, it's all right here. 
There's a nice subtle edge of humor with the teenage mercenaries Deathstroke is forced to work with. He is forceful, he calls all the shots, but they still don't respect him. They learn their place though... 
There's an intriguing mystery here. It comes dangerously close to the territory of teasing us too much to the point of frustration, but never gets QUITE that far. Something bigger is going on and its personal.
The Bad: The cover is a little TOO over the top. Before I saw the interior art, I was a little hesitant. It looked like this was going to be trying TOO hard to make Deathstroke a badass. 
Something bothers me about the shape of Deathstroke's head. He looks a little too.... Arnold Shwartzenegger? I dunno, something's just a little off about the shape of his head out of costume. 
In Conclusion: 4.5/5 
There's not a whole lot to be said about this issue. Deathstroke is returning to his roots. Proving to the world just why he is the best assassin in the DCU, and this is actually the best path to take for old and new readers alike. Old readers get the joy of watching Deathstroke reclaim his credibility, and new readers are presented with this character with a mission to climb back to the top. Classic movie formula. So far, it's working. Deathstroke is BADASS. Readers already know, and are given the promise of far greater feats of badassery to come.

Posted by Silkcuts

I love that the cover homages the Terminator movie franchise. It is almost like Slade is taking his nickname back.

Badassery indeed.

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