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Major Badass 0

Slade Wilson is a mercenary. He can be hired to do anything. And it seems as if he's gotten old enough that he accepts to be partnered up with young and up-and-coming mercenaries because he's too old to do the jobs himself. Slade, however, disagrees.The Good:Cover: Look at that cover by Simon Bisley. It is simply awesome, even though it has precious little to do with the actual comic book. Sure, Slade kills people. But this is just generic hero pose... albeit a very good one.Art: Joe Bennett is ...

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The Terminator Returns 0

Deathstroke #1THE TERMINATOR RETURNSDeathstroke is introduced guns blazing and sword swinging into the New 52 in the DC Universe. Written by Kyle Higgins and drawn by Joe Bennettt, this first issue finds Deathstroke doing mostly body guard work with the occasional assassination. When his agent, Christoph, sets up a high profile job with a group of young professional killers, he gets more than he bargained for. After a job that turned out to be a trap, Slade Wilson realizes that his reputation as...

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The Road to Badassery is Paved With The Blood of Losers 0

The Good: Wow. If you're trying to remake Deathstroke into a badass, that cover's a good start. And although I think the cover is a little over-the-top too far, the interior art isn't so. It suits the series perfectly. I'm pretty sure Deathstroke killed J. Jonah Jameson... In Russia. God, there's is just so much awesome little stuff Deathstroke does to SHOW he's a badass. We aren't just taking his word for it, it's all right here. There's a nice subtle edge of humor with the teenage mercenaries ...

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Higgins takes Deathstroke back to his roots... 0

This ain't your mama's Deathstroke! Writer Kyle Higgins takes the reins of the new Deathstroke ongoing series and wastes no time getting the character back to his gritty, violent, bad to the bone ways. Deathstroke had lost his edginess over the last few years and it's clear that Higgins wants to give it back to him. The opening few pages feature Slade carrying out a contract in Moscow. Bullets fly, swords swing, and heads roll (literally) and this clearly sets the tone for the type of book this...

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Deathstroke always delivers 0

This is a solidly done story which introduces the character, the secondary characters, and perhaps a longer on going story. The art is slightly above average overall and the dialogue writing was done well save for the repetition of bad ass which i just found annoying, especially at he beginning when i thought the speaker was Slade.In my opinion the one major flaw this title has is the set up and then removal of characters that I think would have been interesting to read about with them working w...

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Master Tactician Is Back 0

The Story:Deathstroke is hired for a mission to take out some arms dealers while airborne and recover an item. Deathstroke soon finds out they're not exactly "arms dealers."My Thoughts:With the new 52 arriving, Deathstroke not only gets his own series, he gets an update to his costume. It was long overdue in my opinion, but I'm not fully pleased with the update. The shoulder pads and spikes seem a little overboard. If they toned it down a little bit it would be almost perfect. It still isn't hor...

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No Dawgs Allowed 0

Kyle Higgins and Joe Bennett nail it with Deathstroke, presenting readers with an unapologetic villain book starring one of DC's most popular villains. While it is a great book from beginning to end, what really propels it forward as an impressive new series is the swerve near the end that confirms for readers Deathstroke will not be compromised for the sake of making him the lead character in a book.The premise here is a simple but compelling one. Deathstroke is the big dog of villainous mercen...

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Get "Slayed" by Slade. 0

"My words are smooth like SILK but it CUTS like a blade,anyone to step to me is sure to get Slade.I'm a deathstroke with my free Wil-Son,Holding comicvine at Ransom". - SilkcutsI had to start this review with one of the verses I laid down on one of the battle rap threads. I love Deathstroke, he was a character I enjoyed when I started reading comics in the late 80s, when my older cousin would read Teen Titans and brag how cool the character was and revising those moments my cousin talked about a...

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Sheer Badassery Over Character Development 0

Synopsis   Deathstroke, the metahuman assassin for hire is teamed up with the Alpha Dawgs, a teenage group of operatives just getting into the game. The Good   Deathstroke here is written as he should be - badass and taking no prisoners. He isn't a nice person, and right from the get-go the reader will understand this. He is forced to work with a group of irritating teenagers as part of a contract set up by his agent Christoph, and his less than pleased reaction sums up how he is not one to mess...

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Hi, My Name's Deathstroke... And I Kill People For No Good Reason 0

Just finished my second stack of 'New 52' comics. Let's kick off Round 2 with Deathstroke! Alright, before I begin this review I just want to mention that I didn't know a lot about Slade Wilson other than the fact that he was a British-sounding jerk on the Teen Titans TV show. But, that being said this book was still high on my 'New 52' priority list. Why? Because on the Marvel side of things I'm a huge Deadpool fan and I know that Deathstroke is most likely where the inspiration came from. This...

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Can I say BEAST? 0

Deathstroke is one badass dude! I knew he was cool and loved killing people but wow, this is great! You don't have to ever worry about Deathstroke not finishing the job.The Good: Can't we all say that we've ben waiting for a character like this for a while now? He will kill anyone, no matter who or what they are. If it's his job then consider it done. Let me also just say that the cover art is AMAZING! That is really what brought me to this issue. Simon did a fantastic job with this.The Bad: It ...

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Go Stroke Yourself 0

Why are we so addicted to bad-assery? Does it fulfill our quiet bloodlust? Or do we just enjoy someone who does whatever he wants without caring about the consequences?I picked up Deathstroke on a whim. I have no previous experience with the character, really; I figured it was worth a shot. If I was Slade Wilson I'd probably think it was worth several dozen shots. He likes to shoot guns. That's what I took from this issue. When it was over I felt like I hadn't even read anything. It wasn't bad b...

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A Good Begining 0

 “Deathstroke the Terminator—the scariest badass on the planet.” With these words (and a pile of dead Russians), Kyle Higgins kick starts the new Deathstroke series, spelling out for us exactly how, in his eyes, this character should be perceived. There was a lot of fear from fans coming into the DCnU that the abuse of this character would continue, but Higgins successfully manages to assuage the majority of these terrors with this excellent setup for what could possibly be a fantastic series. ...

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Deathstroke 0

i was very impressed with this issue, this is the first ive read from death stroke i knew nothing at all about him before i read this issue, i thought the art work was brilliant and the writing was outstanding, i did really enjoy the Badassery, i wont spoil anything but this is a must buy, everything in this comic was brilliant except one thing, the new 52 started as i know it to introduce us to the characters how they started and why they are who they are but in this issue i dont know anything ...

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