arnoldoaad's Deathstroke #0 - A Soldier's Story review

The Worst single comic in DCnU history

I just really cannot believe DC publish this

I understand that Liefeld said he had problems with the editor Brian Smith, but this had to be backwards, its the editors that had to have problems with Liefeld

there is a ton of problems with this book

first of all

The continuity makes absolutely no sense

it not only makes no sense with the Higgin's Deathstroke run and it makes no sense with Team 7 #0 which came the same week but most importantly it makes no sense on itself

the concept of time doesnt exist on this book

the story was this

first Deathstroke joins the army at 16, why at 16? I have no idea, its not like its suppose to fit certain specific time or something, or to go serve the country on a war cause he actually doesnt go to war since he keeps training during all the flashback, and yet the narrator still says that he was a good soldier, How? I dont think Liefeld understands how the army works.

Im from a country that doesnt have an army but even I know that's not how it works

also it contradicts the story given by Higgins on issue 8

But there is an actual reason for this Slade to be 16, and the reason is cause that is exactly his origin in the old DCU, and by exactly, i mean EXACTLY THE SAME

This is exactly the same panel from Tales Of Teen Titans #43

the only difference is the narration, Liefeld is literally retelling the exact same story but with different dialog, This is not an homage, This is PLAGIARISM

Its not the only scene that does this, there are several scenes like this with exactly the same poses but different dialog and he reuses this again and again, its not just a few scenes is practically half the issue

However the story still has some original parts to it so lets continue

Slade becomes the best soldier in his group and Graduates 9 months later, now I dont know for sure but i think the army dont "graduate" its soldiers, its more like completing a training

Then, he joins Team 7, not how is shown in the Team 7 #0 but because once Adeline(the narrator and future wife of Slade) recommended him, saying that its a black ops team

now at this point its very easy to understand that Liefeld was only told that Slade was part of a super team name Team 7, and just had a vague idea of what that was, and didnt work at all with Justin Jordan on this nor had the slightest idea what he was going to do

Good Work DC, Just Fantastic

not only that but I dont think the army grab new "graduates" without any experience on the field at all, no matter how good, to put them in a black ops team, much less one that is suppose to be an Elite Squad

And one more thing and is the critical problem with this book

we know that Slade is really old and that he has an adult son, and this union with Team 7 is happening on his own early days

one of the few things that we knew from Team 7 3 months ago when it was announced was that it takes place in the 5 years ago period, how the hell didnt Liefeld knew this?

Black Canary is in Team 7 and she is still young in the present, so is Waller, Grifter is in Team 7, Liefeld writes Grifter, how exactly could he ignore a timeline that has at least 20-30 years?

it just breaks the entire continuity of its own story cause the events in the next pages cannot possibly take in a 5 year period, and even if the comic doesnt mention it, we know its there.

but whatever, for the sake of the story lets assume its not 5 years, He gets injured in a mission with the team 7, and then Team 7 cures him with the experiment that gives him his powers, then he gets married with his trainer and superior Adeline, who also worked on team 7, all while he was still working for the government and was still an experiment

ok this, this right here, its where it starts to get bad, so that first half was the good half

this romance is something that comes literally out of nowhere, i might had believed that they hooked up while Slade was still in the army but why now? not even to mention all the plotholes involving the hook up on this way.

Ofcourse, it makes sense in Tales of Teen Titans #43, BUT NOT HERE!

but that's not the end, apparently Slade is all happy but then a friend of his is kidnapped(just like in TTT43) and he ask for the government to help him but they dont, so he goes rescue him Alone, kills a bunch of ppl using a suit and thats the start of Deathstroke

but now that he rescued his friend he is still happy isnt it?


apparently this mission changed EVERYTHING

and even though he went completely alone and no one was suppose to know that he did this, ppl heard of this hit and know it was him and Slade keeps receiving mercenary jobs to do, and he does it since EVERYTHING CHANGED

But Adeline doesnt like this at all, and says that he is no longer the same person he train as a soldier to kill pll and has always killed ppl, but now he has put his whole family in danger, not like before in the army and the black ops team, and obviously we already establish that everyone knows Slade is Deathstroke

so a group of terrorist, or something like that attack the house, and but Adeline takes them out cause she is an XTREME woman after all, but she takes this chance to escape Slade, and fakes her death and their son Joseph

Why? no idea, that didnt happen in TTT43

so Deathstroke kills more ppl and then his son Grant dies, and the comic ends with Adeline preparing to avenge her dead son Grant, who is not actually dead, using his own son Joseph, AKA Jericho to kill Deathstroke

because you know, she just left her son with her father, who she now hates for some reason no clear on this comic, and she now condemns him for the death of his son, who is not actually dead, that she thinks died cause Deathstoke allow him to be put in danger by being a mercenary and to do that she will use her other son in a worst way that Deathstroke used his other son to kill his own father

and Jericho is perfectly fine with this, he even gives an evil character speech.


saying that this was bad just doesnt cut it

this was Abysmal

just The Worst Single issue in the DCnU so far

the Art is atrocious but thats to expect, here even the coloring is wrong, sometimes Slade has blond hair, then gray then blond again, it makes no sense

I just cannot believe DC allowed this comic to be out

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Posted by Brit

A drop down detail check for this crappy issue.

1. Slade joined the army, gets promoted to Team 7.

2. On their 1st mission he was fatally wounded by an enemy sniper.

3. Scientists saved his life no sweat then proceeded to experiment on him which...

4. Granted him enhanced physical & mental attributes to match his tactical expertise & combat prowess (if he is sooo good why did he got himself shot in the 1st place? L. A. M. E.)

5. Recovering from the experiments he went on to marry the chick. Then his only friend was abducted.

6. Going AWOL, he saved his friend while wearing an early version of his costume - and this is where Deathstroke was born.

7. He left the Army and began his mercenary work, that when he got a job killing some North Koreans. He was successful but then...

8. The Nor Kor retaliated and killed his wife and youngest son. Obviously he f8cked back but he let his guard down and was shot in the eye..

Done... this is how Liefeld works... stuck in the 90's art and broke-ass story telling... i've even heard that he got issues with all of the people he worked with, this was no different from the other..

tsk. tsk. tsk..

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