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A continued story from Doctor Who magazine #140 about a man named Keepsake, his lover Leah, his ex-wife Thea and his old friend Colt.
Death's Head gets hired by Thea to hunt down Keepsake, so she can get a hold of a map that leads to a large sum of money. Keepsake split the map into two, and gave his friend Colt the other half, and so when Keepsake locates his old pal, he gets double crossed.
Colt kidnaps Leah, steals Keepsake's part of the map and sets off for the treasure.
Meanwhile, Death's Head and Thea finds keepsake in the bar, and they device a plan to rescue Leah and get the treasure.
They track down Colt and his gang of gorillas, and Death's Head rescues Leah, throws Thea overboard and snatches the entire treasure from Keepsake, after having been promised one half of the treasure from Thea and the other half off of Keepsake. 
In another part of the world, namely Ecuador, Mayhem and his Sudden Impact team are waging a war.
Will Death's Head survive his next mission?







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