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Maureen Raven was killed by Exterminator Saunders and Dr. Raker, two human agents of the Martian Masters. John Raven was taken to the Masters for training in the gladiatorial arena, but Joshua's fate was left to the discretion of Saunders. Joshua was believed by Jonathon to have been killed. The High Overlord's records reveal that Joshua was trained as an understudy of Exterminator Saunders in the Yellowstone Mercenary Sector, where he became an exterminator himself, under the codename Deathraven.

Deathraven, now the head of the Mercenary Elite at Yellowstone, met with the High Overlord, who informed him of news on his brother, who was trying to locate him after learning of his existence from the records.

As Killraven and his Freemen traveled through Cape Canaveral, they encountered Joshua Raven, who pretended to be under attack by a wolf. After Killraven saved him from the wolf, Joshua revealed himself to be his brother. He told Killraven a false story of escaping the Martian Masters before they could initiate their program to turn him into a weapon. Joshua immediately got off on the wrong foot with Old Skull, "What is he, retarded?" Joshua followed Killraven he led the others to infiltrate a base of the Martian Masters. However, once inside, Joshua showed his true colors. Knocking out the newest Freeman, Jenette Miller, he then assumed his wolf-form and confronted his brother as Deathraven. The High Overlord and a few other Martian Masters observed the fight, while Deathraven summoned wolves to bring down M'Shulla while he himself attacked Killraven. Telling Old Skull to stay out of the family fight, Killraven was nonetheless unable to force himself to fight his brother. Deathraven battered his brother relentlessly, until Old Skull could stand it no longer and he assaulted Deathraven, who easily overpowered him and began to choke him to death. Realizing he could not physically stop Deathraven himself, Killraven instead unleashed his psychic powers, taking control of one of the Martian Masters and forcing it to attack, rend, and devour Deathraven. Looking in the Martian Master's eyes, Deathraven realized that it was his brother killing him.

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