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While giving a report about an annexed world that Subject X claimed was Earth-616 he told his Military Superiors of how three Deathlok-Class Security Units were dispatched into "Earth-616" after he had activated the Ghost Box and killed Scott Summers. The first unit to climb through had a mind-controlled Magneto bound to its chest who upon seeing a flame-covered Wolverine screamed and unleashed a wave of mangetism which severely injured his legs. As this was happening Emma Frost, Storm and Hisako were rushing to find Subject X and try to make him pay for what he had done to Scott. However this drew the Deathlok-Magneto's attention towards the hallway behind it and so it punched its fist through the wall killing both Emma and Storm instantly but not Hisako who had shielded herself just seconds before it happened. Hisako tried waking Emma up and then stared in horror as two Deathlok-Class Security Units tore their way out The X-Men's Starship.

After a third unit met up with the first two they descended upon the city of Jakarta, Indonesia which they annihilated with barely any resistance. Within only a matter of three days the three units destroyed all Human and Mutant life on the planet though they had help from the fallout of nuclear bombs that several nations tried using to destroy the Sentinels. In another reality where Cyclops had taken the lead instead of Wolverine, Subject X succeded in opening the box but as the first unit came through Cyclops blasted its arm off. Subject X committed suicide so he couldn't be captured and by the time The X-Men learned about his intentions it was too late and active Ghost Boxes suddenly began appearing all over the world allowing for a limitless amount of Deathlok-Class Security Units to come through and annex that Universe.

Unit Types

Apparently there are two types of the Deathlok-Class Security Unit. The first type seen in Ghost Boxes Issue One has an Industrial Grunge Bronze-colored armored exoskeleton with golden eyes, these kind are silent killers and do not have openable mouths. The second type which was seen in Issue Two has an ebony armored exoskeleton with bright red eyes and a mouth that gapes wide open and screams as it begins attacking.

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