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Deathcharge was an Atlantean exile, paying for crimes of which he was never convicted. While doing manual labor, he came across a dumping ground for unwanted military devices, one of which set off a chain reaction throughout the landfill, engulfing him. Afterward, he was found by amazed farmers and taken to doctors. During the examination, he released energy seething within him since the accident, outward in a multi-directional blast that killed the attending physicians. In time, he learned to control and channel the energy through his arms, selling his powers and services to the highest bidder.

Deathcharge was hired by Transcor to protect a liner that was dumping toxic waste into the ocean. Affected by the nearby waste, Namor boarded the ship but was blindsided by a blast from Deathcharge. This, coupled with exposure to the waste, made for a brief confrontation between Namor and Deathcharge, with the Deathcharge winning. Below deck, Deathcharge gloated to a reviving Namor, who had been shackled to a several ton anchor. After Deathcharge went above deck, Namor tilted part of the anchor through the ships hull. Reinvigorated through contact with the flooding water, Namor flew above deck to once again confront Deathcharge. During the battle, Deathcharge managed to place his hands around Namor’s throat and said that he would kill Namor with a point-blank blast. This being said, Deathcharge’s hands were redirected by Namor, blasting Deathcharge in the face, burning his hair in the process, and knocking him out probably due to shock. The waste and an unconscious Deathcharge was left at Senator Tacwood’s estate in upper New York by Namor after finding out that he was behind all the dumping.


Deathcharge was created by Roger Brown and Robert Walker in 1994 and first appeared in Namor, The Sub-Mariner Annual # 4.

Powers & Abilities

Deathcharge is an Atlantean and possesses the normal attributes and abilities of his race. However, the landfill accident granted Deathcharge new powers including the ability to channel the energy he possessed inside and unleash it as powerful energy blasts through his hands. The accident allowed Deathcharge to breathe on land as well under water.

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