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Okay, so I've been a bit of a Deathbird fan ever since she appeared. Call her a heartless bitch if you will but I think ... anyway. I found this recently and I thought 'What the hell?! When did this all happen?!'

This is what I found: "Soon after, Deathbird spotted a human mutant DNA signature coming from a planetoid near their ship's course. She and Bishop went to investigate, but when the landed on the man-shaped rock, Deathbird zapped Bishop with a stun gun. She returned to Earth with new allies she had made on the planetoid, who turned out to be the Living Monolith and dumped Bishop near Las Vegas. Then she took the Monolith to his followers in Egypt. However, when she demanded her payment from her new partner, she was knocked unconscious. The partner, none other than Apocalypse, then enhanced Deathbird's abilities and converted her into War III, third Horseman of the Apocalypse. She was forced to work for Apocalypse until he could achieve his goal, whereupon she was to be allowed to leave Earth for her own Empire. However, Apocalpyse was defeated and Deathbird and her fellow Horsemen were teleported to parts unknown by Mikhail Rasputin."

Anyone give me any help as to when this all happened? I dug out my age-old (well, 9 years or-so really) Uncanny X-Men and skimmed through them ... I found the bit about The Living Monolith, I found the bit where Deathbird is in Egypt and talking to Apoclaypse; but I couldn't for the life of me find anything about Las Vegas.

Can anyone gimme any help? I think I could be missing a few issues somewhere.

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@UberMicro: this is a super late response, but wasn't this right before the 12 saga, or around it somewhere?
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@ubermicro: Another very late reply, but since this summary of events appears on quite a few websites it still seems relevant. Thunderscream is basically correct; Deathbird as War happens during the The Twelve story arch.

Las Vegas is mentioned when Deathbird betrays Bishop in X-Men #92. Later on in that issue Bishop awakens in a desert and sees a sign that reads 'Las Vegas, Nevada - 42 miles'. The reader is then referred to the Bishop: The Last X-Man series. The first issue of that series starts with a dream Bishop is having, but when he wakes up he is revealed to be in Salem Center (in Westchester County, New York). He explains: "After months in space, I have returned to earth -- betrayed by Deathbird and then... deposited in the desert, left to find my way. I have come home to the X-Men, my heroes... my teammates... my friends... the people I would fight and die for."

As for the other events concerning Deathbird, they can be found in issues like The Uncanny X-Men #374, Cable #74, X-Men #96, and The Uncanny X-Men #377. Rasputin's intervention takes place in X-Men #97.

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