Deathbird's descendants

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I don't know where I read this, but aren't White Noise and Black Light listed as Deathbird's biological children?

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Black Light and White Noise do not appear to be full-blood Shi'ar and may have a non-Shi'ar father. Deathbird has made no mention of them; it may be that she and Black Light were adopted by Deathbird. But, when Deathbird was attacked by Lilandra, the siblings came to Deathbird's aid, referring to her as their mother. So, they may or may not be her children. I don't really think they are as Deathbird as never made any mention of this and they weren't at her wedding to Vulcan and I haven't even seen them in the comics near her in sometime. Maybe they refer to her as 'Mother' like the British do the Queen calling her the Queen Mum. But, yes on most marvel information they are listed under alleged child/children.

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This is really interesting !! She did not have kids with Vulcan, did she?
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@thestepfordcuckoos said:
"Maybe they refer to her as 'Mother' like the British do the Queen calling her the Queen Mum"
I know this isn't the point... but we don't refer to the Queen as the Queen Mum.  We used to refer to the Queen's mother as the Queen Mum. 
Back on track... The Si'Ar & all their various little alien followers in the Imperial Guard have all been a bit strange.  I guess even if they're not biological children, they at least consider her to be their role model/mother-figure.  Normally that would be quite sweet, but since it's Deathbird then it's just plain warped :p
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She did have a child with Bishop in that lovely alternate future thing back in the early 200s. What was that called again?

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@Squares: X-Men: The End.  Deathbird did train the Imperial Guard, if I remember correctly, so maybe mother is some term of endearment?  Or maybe the writers were smoking something funny, had a real crazy idea, put mother, and forget where they were going with that whole revelation, leaving us here...wondering...  Like waaaay cool, man.
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well it certainly gets confusing, especially since all Shi'ar don't sport the feather crest that's characteristic of their people...on top of the fact that they absorb other cultures into their own.

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