Death the Grim Reaper of Marvel???

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I Have read a Ghost Rider comic that had had Death in it. I am not sure what Death's true function in the Marvel Universe. I have heard that the Beyonder pretty much destroyed this entity and then brought her back to life. Did Deadpool die and did he meet Death herself.

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The Death that Deadpool meets is the actual cosmic entity, Death, not some powerful being called Death.

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Hmm I heard Death is in love with Deadpool but Thanos u know is  in love with Death so he gave deadpool a curse....................he gave him enternity
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Death is an abstract concept. The entity that you know as death is just a personification of this. Death can only die if life does not exist.

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@goldenshot80: you know deadpool has crappy luck, he got cancer, then got mutilated and ended up on thanos' sh!t list (easily one of the top 5 lists you dont want to be on)
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@joshmightbe: I'd rank this as an EPIC life! XD
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@Eyz said:
" @joshmightbe: I'd rank this as an EPIC life! XD "

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