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Death the Kid is the son of Lord Death. He starts out seperate from with Death Meister Academy, determined to gain souls on his own. Kid's first seen mission is to go to the Temple of Anubis. A witch who is also a master of necromancy resurrects a Pharaoh and his previous army in hopes of controlling them. Kid with his Twin Pistols, Liz and Patty, are tasked with taking down the Witch. As they venture through the pyramid, Kid begins to fears (due to his OCD) that one of his favourite paintings are unbalanced back home. He quickly runs home, leaving Liz (who is deathly afraid of anything supernatural) and Patty (her overly happy sister) to defeat the undead army. Meanwhile, The Witch succesfully resurrects The Pharaoh who quickly kills her. Liz and Patty decide not to wait for kid, and confront the Pharoah who instantly captures them.

Kid arrives back at the Pyramid (after seeing his painting was straight after all), and begins to look for his partners. He finds them and quickly frees them, but finds himself unable to fight the Pharoah because of his sarcophagus which has perfect symmetry. As Kid is on the verge of death, The deformed Pharoah reveals himself, disproportioned and hideous. This kicks in Kid's OCD once again, infuriating him to no end. He has Liz and Patty return to weapon form, and obliterates the evil Pharoah, and the Pyramid.

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