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It's twilight in New York City. Sexton and Didi are walking though the park; and Sexton is remembering how he got into this situation...

Flashback to Mad Hettie holding the broken bottle to Sexton's throat. Didi finally agrees to find Hettie's heart for her, but tells her that she has things of her own that she wants to do tonight, also. She tells the old woman to make herself at home, and Didi and Sexton set off to find Mad Hettie's heart.

Back in the present, Didi orders a hot dog and asks Sexton wants one. He has a smart answer about how he'd rather die, and Didi tells him to suit himself. The hot dog vendor decides that Didi has a nice smile, and lets Didi have the hot dog "on the house". They continue their walk, and Didi asks Sexton if people enjoy hot dogs because of the chemical aftertaste or if it's just an added extra. Sexton bitterly replies that he doesn't like her, and he's not afraid of Mad Hettie. He just came along because he couldn't go home, and he had nothing better to do. Didi seems not to care, and instead asks the boy if he knows where there's a good party. Sexton doesn't know, but Didi hails a cab, and they get in.

Elsewhere, a crusty, old, blind man called The Eremite, and his younger acolyte Theo, are standing outside a building. The Eremite tells Theo that "she" is coming. Theo doesn't answer; causing the Eremite to repeat himself. This time Theo answers with a blunt "so", causing the Eremite to knock him one upside the head, and informing him that "so" is not the correct response to one's teacher. The Eremite holds a glass vial under Theo's bleeding lip, and captures some of his blood. The Eremite studies the vial, and determines that he was right, and she IS on her way. He asks his disciple if he knows what to do. Theo replies that he's bring the girl to his teacher; failing that just get the ankh around her neck. The Eremite hands Theo the vial; telling him that it will glow when he gets close to the girl.

Meanwhile, Didi is having a delightful conversation with the cab driver, when she decides to get out at a club called The Undercut. The driver surprises Sexton by not charging them for the ride, but when he questions the cabbie about it; the cabbie tells him the he likes Didi. However, he does NOT like Sexton and informs the boy that he can pay the tip.

Sexton and Didi prepare to enter the club. Sexton runs into Hazel, who used to work in his mom's restaurant. Hazel tells the two that her partner Foxglove is playing tonight, and she gets them in the club for free. Sexton realizes that Didi hasn't paid for anything all night, and asks her about it. Didi solemnly tells him that everyone pays... especially her. Sexton goes to get their drinks, while Didi and Hazel sit down. She tells Didi that she's happy that Sexton found a friend. Didi touches the pregnant Hazel's stomach; Hazel tells her that she's having a boy. Sexton returns with their drinks, while Hazel goes backstage to check on Foxglove. Sexton asks Didi about Mad Hettie. Didi tells him that it's hard to be angry at someone when you know them really well. Sexton repeats that she knows the crazy old woman well. Didi solemnly replies that she "knows everyone really well", causing Sexton to wonder why he's hanging out with her.

We see Theo approaching the club, as Foxglove takes the stage and begins performing. While she sings, Sexton strikes up a conversation with the guy sitting next to him, who turns out to be a scout for a record company and somewhat uncommitted to the pleasures of Foxglove's performance. When it's revealed that the scout knows Sexton's dad, and that Sexton LIKE'S Foxglove's songs, the afmorementioned scout begins listening more favorably.

Sexton realizes that Didi has left, and he goes looking for her. He runs into a girl with incredibly red hair, and wearing long gloves. The begin talking about various matters, including suicide. The girl tells Sexton that boredom is hardly a reason to commit suicide, and proceeds to tell him about a "friend" she had that had been badly abused and tried to kill herself. She came to in the hospital, with bandages all over her arms, but was somehow happy to be alive. Sexton notices Didi, and thanks the girl for her story.

Sexton walks up to Didi and becomes upset when he catches her talking to Theo. He tries to tell her that Theo has a "reputation" at his school, but Didi refuses to listen. Theo tells Didi that he knows a much cooler place, and that they should leave. Didi agrees, but she also tells Sexton to come along.

As Sexton follows along behind the two, his narration informs us of some the sadistic things Theo is rumored to have done; including torturing and killing cats. Didi asks Theo which Disney movie he prefers, but the youth is clueless. Sexton chimes in that "Beauty and the Beast" had the better story, but the "Little Mermaid" had better songs. They talk about the "Disneyfication" of fairy tales, with Didi remarking that she LIKES happy endings.

The reach their destination, which appears to be a door in an alleyway. Theo leads them in, but then punches Didi and takes the silver ankh she wears around her neck. The Eremite appears from the shadows and tells Theo to give him the ankh, but Theo is beginning to have other ideas. He tells the old man that he figures he could get lots of money for something that's obviously so valuable. The Eremite informs him that he COULD get a lot of money for it, but he can give him knowledge which is far greater. Theo scoffs, causing the Eremite to punch his disciples face in, killing him. The Eremite picks the ankh up from the floor, and Didi asks for it back. The blind man refuses, and reveals that he remembers Didi's voice from some time before. He tells his two captives that there's no point in escaping and the Eremite leaves; locking the two in the tiny room.

Didi goes to check on Theo. She asks Sexton for help, but he just smarts off again. Finally, Didi has had enough and calls him on his attitude. Sexton timidly goes to help her, but they're too late. They sit on the floor; killing time, while Didi rummages through some of the old boxes that are in the room. Sexton asks her that if she was really Death, shouldn't she have been there for Theo, but Didi points out that she WAS there. Didi finds a weeble, and cheers up a bit. She tells Sexton that they're just like a weeble.... they may be down, but they'll get back up. She places the weeble on the ground and sets it to wobbling. Unfortunately, the weeble falls straight over and stays...

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