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Death Sticks are an illegal, dangerous, and toxic drug sold in the streets of many worlds, including Coruscant. It came in two forms: liquid and powder. The liquid form was often injected or drank. The powder was often inhaled.

Users of Death Sticks would often experience hallucination, as well as a dulling of the senses and eventual unconsciousness.


Aside from their standard practice, Death Sticks played a role in galactic history.

Around the time of the Invasion of Naboo, some Death Sticks were manufactured and distributed by the Bando Gora cult, controlled by the Dark Jedi known as Komari Vosa. The cult and their underworld affiliates mixed other chemicals into the drug, making it even more dangerous as well as enhancing its properties. They used it to attract new followers into their cult, damaging their minds and making them more compliant. Many of the factories were destroyed by Jango Fett on his mission to kill or capture Komari Vosa on a contract from Count Dooku. The cult demolished and their leader dead, the enhanced drugs ceased production.

Cade Skywalker using Death Sticks

In 137 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin), Cade Skywalker used Death Sticks to weaken his own connection to the Force, despite the Force ghost of Luke Skywalker - Cade's ancestor - warning him against it. Eventually, Cade did turn away from the drug, but would relapse relatively often in times of desperation and turmoil.

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