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Trapped inside Nexus

Marion was a true Viking, when Christians invaded their lands Marion fought as hard as she could. Only when the odds were too great against her, she fled to save the lives of her two daughters. It was a cold winter day, and she feared for her daughters lives, finally she asked Odin to save them. Odin herd her pleads, came down and took Vulnavia and Vandala with him. Marion thought she would die soon, but fate had other plans for her. Matthias, the leader of the Christian army found her and took her as his bride. Marion bore him a daughter, who she named Hope. Years later, when Marion wasn't able to stand living with Matthias anymore; tried to escape with Hope. Matthias however found out her plans and murdered her. He however didn't let her soul to rest and bound it to himself as a gateway to other realms.

Marion was trapped for years and was released in hell when her husband was killed. There she was captured again and used as a balance for the corrupted Nexus. Hope, who now was called Lady Death managed to find her and release her soul, so she could travel to Heaven's Gate. However, Marion was denied the passage through the gate by Purgatori. She was trapped again within the Nexus, Purgatori's pet Chimera watching over her. Centuries passes and Marion was pulled back to hell again, when Purgatori went there, and was hidden from view. Cremator learned her location when he worked for Purgatori and revealed it to Lady Death when she was turned into Lady Demon. Marion tried to convince Lady Death to fight against Lucifer, and finally decided to sacrifice herself by letting Lady Death absorb her angelic soul. Empowered with her mother spirit, Lady Death was able to kill Lucifer.


Fragile Life

Marion was a peasant girl in Novgorod, but she was loved by a royalty, who also happened to be the enemy. One night when she was again visited by Tvarus, she slept with him in the barn. Only when he left she learned what had transpired; her entire town was burnt to the ground and only few survived the onslaught. Ashamed of herself, she fled the city.

Eighteen years had passed of that moment, and Marion returned to Novgorod, with her daughter Hope. A minor incident happened when Hope brought some bread; her eyes turned white, and it was noticed. Marion and Hope retired for the night in a tavern, where Marion revealed Hope that her father is an Eldritch. Just then an angry mob bust through their door and dragged them outside to the river. Marion tried to fight them, but was stuck down with a stone. The blow was fatal.

The morning came, and so did Tvarus; he tried to revive Marion but failed. Marion's body was laid in the ground, by her daughter who was resurrected by Tvarus.



In this world she is known as Mary. She was married to Marius and had a daughter named Hope. She loved her husband, but she also realized that he had changed for worse. After each battle he locked himself into his room.

One day Hope's curiosity got the best of her and wanted to find out what her father was up to. Mary tried to stop her and followed. Just as they learned that Sagos has taken over Marius' body, and angry mob bust through the doors.

Sagos took Mary and fled to the Labyrinth. In time Lady Death - Hope, was able to track them down and tried to save Mary, but she was still too weak and failed. Sagos again fled taking Mary with him.

Everywhere Sagos went, he carried Mary with him, enjoying her torment. He also liked to talk to her of his plans to conquer all of Blacklands.


Although more explanations are yet to be given, it has recently been revealed (in Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker fashion) that Marion is actually Lady Death's current nemesis, Death Queen and the mother of Tormina.

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