Holy Cannoli Crossover's Batman!

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Is it just me or did DC decide to launch a bunch of huge crossover story arcs all at the same time?

First off we have 'Death of the Family' It's the return of the Joker, and it involves practically everybody. Detective Comics, Batgirl, Batman, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Teen Titans, Batman and Robin, Catwoman, Nightwing, Suicide Squad. The whole thing goes from October 2012 till February 2013, with a total of 23 issues. The Joker is back! And he's coming after everyone! No cape and cowl is secure and no secret identity is completely safe. The Joker is ridding the Batman of all of his family in the name of love!

'H'el on Earth' started in October too, and maybe it was just me but I was anticipating Death of the Family for months before it came out where as the Superman crossover seemed to kinda come out of nowhere. It's run is from October to February same as the BatFam crossover. Including Superman, Superboy, and Supergirl, with guest appearance of the Justice League. Total of 14 issues. Superman has come face to face with his worst nightmare: a creature of unknown Kryptonian origin who is not only more powerful than the Man of Steel, but smarter than Supergirl and more lethal than Superboy. Putting Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy into battle with the deranged alien, H’el, who will stop at nothing to bring back Krypton from extinction even at the expense of Earth!

Finally, there is the 'Throne of Atlantis' crossover between the issues of Justice League and Aquaman, the smaller of the three crossover's spans from November to February with a total of only 6 issues not a bad amount but in comparison with the last two it's definitely a smaller feat.When a US Navy missile drill goes wrong for unknown reasons, sending multiple missiles into the ocean, striking Atlantis, their king Ocean Master takes it as a declaration of war, and initiates ocean to surface war tactics that both he and his brother, Aquaman wrote up years ago. Atlantis sends giant title waves through many coastal cities including Gotham City, Metropolis and Boston, planning to invade and eventually sink the city hit the hardest. When Ocean Master surfaces in Boston, it is up to Aquaman and the Justice League to end his attack on the surface world.

All in all the three crossover's are spanning 14 different issues throughout the entire time the crossover's are taking place. Some questions I asked myself when I realized that these were all taking place at the same time.

  • Why wouldn't they span them out? It's not like the stories are even mentioned in one another, and being that there are several characters that overlap into the three different crossovers, you have to assume they happen at different times, but that dips into the continuity issue, and i don't wanna start thinking about that, because it gives me a headache and i don't care enough to bother. But I wonder if their is a greater profit in having all the crossover's happen at the same time rather than happen one at a time. The entire appeal of a crossover for the publisher is that people who wouldn't usually read an issue of something, using myself as an example I am now picking up Superman, Supergirl, and Aquaman, and that's the result of a crossover times three. The same goes for all the issues taking part in the crossovers. So i can imagine that the profits from October - February would be an increase. But if they had spread these crossovers to happen one right after the other, the increase might be smaller in scale but perhaps it would last longer in the long run, but I know literally nothing about sales or business so I'm just speculating.
  • Continuity? So are they just confirming that there is none at all in the DCU. Just saying.
  • Do you think was an accident? Do you think they planned the three crossover's to happen at the same time? In my head I can see of funny scene of the DC people getting ready to publish and realizing that death of the family and H'el were happening at the same time and having kind of an oh shit moment, and then a month later being just like let's throw an Aquaman crossover in there too what the hell. Yeah cuz that's what happens in the comic world they are produced out of nowhere with no planning ahead - Sarcastic Sally. Shut up Sally, it was sardonic thought up skit!

Personally I'm enjoying all three of the crossovers on different levels. I think that some of the writing I've seen in Batman concerning the joker is some of the best I've ever read, so koodos to Scott Snyder. And now that the H'ell story line has me interested in the superman issues and what I've missed, on top of getting me reading something with Kenneth Rocafort art which makes me happy, I've missed him since he left Red Hood and the Outlaws. I'm looking forward to reading all of the stories and how they will end.

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I've realized that too and I've question the continuity but I think this is all to work up towards the Trinity War

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You forgot Third Army, a Green Lantern/GLC/New Guardians/Red Lanterns crossover.

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I've enjoyed all these crossovers so far. Unlike the forced crossovers that Marvel puts out that aren't even enjoyable to read.

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I feel that Superman was long overdue for a crossover, but I wish they'd stop in Batman.

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@Joygirl said:

You forgot Third Army, a Green Lantern/GLC/New Guardians/Red Lanterns crossover.

And Rotworld too.

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@Billy Batson said:

@Joygirl said:

You forgot Third Army, a Green Lantern/GLC/New Guardians/Red Lanterns crossover.

And Rotworld too.

And Hawkman wanted

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We also have Rise of the Third Army,

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first half of this year is to wrap up all the crossovers and introduce some new characters and the last half is going to be a total crossover between all major titles about the Trinity War

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@The_Tree: Superman did need one totally agree. But I like the Batman crossovers, so far they have been interesting.

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@Squalleon said:

@Billy Batson said:

@Joygirl said:

You forgot Third Army, a Green Lantern/GLC/New Guardians/Red Lanterns crossover.

And Rotworld too.

And Hawkman wanted

hahaha Sorry, I completely forgot about Third Army and I didn't even think there would be even more than the ones that I knew about, but it kinda of only proves my point that there is a heck of allot of crossovers!

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@petlover1112: There may be a lot of crossovers, but for the most part they're small scale.

Only a few titles are crossing over; with exception to Deaht of the Family. Which, honestly, while i love the core DotF arc, I wish the only tie ins were Nightwing, Batgirl and Batman/Robin. The rest seem rather forced and unecessary. And they actively hurt them.

Batman and Robin had a fantastic openning arc, and then was ruined by the Night of the Owls tie in, which cramped up the storylines. I wish DC would stop pushing Batman crossoverfs.

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I agree that the crossovers do seem kind of forced sometimes, but I think that without the crossovers and the fact that we know who is connected to batman, the crossovers have been the only chance to see some members of the batfam interact. like Tim, or Batgirl (that i can remember), and because we skipped the initial training and everything, I think the crossovers are all we gonna get for now.

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You forgot Third World Army. I'm not really complaining since I like the crossovers so far.

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