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Just What You (Didn't) Ask For: Loads of Vampires! 0

Vampires are getting to be a pain in the neck. Everyone is getting vampire fever these days and now, we see there are way more vampires in the Marvel universe than we might have realized.  The Good Like most of you, I'm getting sick of vampires as well. I have to admit I'm not overly familiar with the full history of Dracula and vampires in the Marvel universe but we do see some interesting things here. I wasn't aware that Dracula had kids. Things start out with a "once-a-century gathering" of t...

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A Surprisingly Good Read 0

I honestly didn't pick up this issue with high expectations. Usually, this sort of things turns out pretty mediocre, but the Death of Dracula was definitely an exception to that trend.  Janus, the eldest son of Dracula, is our main character, and Victor Gischler uses him to great effect as a gateway for readers into the vampire culture of the Marvel Universe. Now, I really know very little about Marvel's version of Dracula and its history of vampires, but I get the feeling that Gischler's versio...

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Surprisingly good. 0

I like many people on this site are not familiar with the vampires of the Marvel Universe, and they seem to be interesting, but i think part of that comes from the fact that they are not, thank God, anything like the Twilight Vampires.  I wouldn't normally pick up an issue that focused around Vampires however, with the new X-Men series that is starting this month i thought why not, on to the review...  The Story I think that this issue is actually quite good, and i was pleasantly surprised by it...

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All hail Xarus! 0

Just to let you know EXTREME SPOILER WARNING!!! DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED  EXTREME SPOILER WARNING!!!   Summary  Die Mr. Boring! lol Janus first son of Dracula watches as the various vampire factions arrive from all over the globe. They have been summoned by his father to a meeting a grave importance. He greets each faction’s leaders and later attends the meeting itself. At the meeting some voice a problem with how Dracula rule...

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Death of Dracula 0

I started collecting around the time, Tomb of Dracula ended. I have bought over 50 issues in back-stock since. I am a huge fan of Dracula in comics and the movies.  I thought this was a above average read, but the problem that I had was that Dracula fell  way to easley. Other than that it was a good introduction into the future X-Men epic and a good inside to Marvel's vampire community....

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