kfhrfdu_89_76k's Death of Captain America: The Man Who Bought America #1 - The Death of Captain America: The Man Who Bought America review

The ending of "The death of Captain America".

Does that mean that he stops dying? No.

What I like.

The art by Steve Epting is realistic (though there are not-so-realistic parts in it, too), dark and slick. It looks very good. Luke Ross`s art looks great as well (he drew one chapter). It looks more traditional than Eptings, and he doesn`t use black as much.

Coloring is great.

Brubaker wrote alot of cool things to this story. For example:

  1. This has alot of great characters. Arnim Zola, Red Skull, Hawkeye, Falcon, Bucky Barnes...
  2. Making Caps magazine a thriller is neat idea.
  3. Buckys dream is so funny!
  4. Red Skulls plan is realistic, which makes its presence in a superhero-comic fascinating.
  5. There`s enough action.
  6. The plot is easy to follow, and it`s structure is layed down professionally.

He also "gets" the characters.

What I don`t like.

I have to confess: To me, Brubakers writing on Captain America is boring! It`s got so much clichés used as small and major plotpoints, that I can`t almost stand it. It feels like they were written down to the story ASAP, without further thinking. Brubakers writing is like this, I guess. But it feels really disturbing in the story. Also, I don`t like thrillers.

The story is boring. But, not too much.

The ending promises that there will be more. Which is obvious, since this was a story arc in an ongoing comic. I don`t like open endings, if I wont read the next chapters, or I can`t. And I`m pretty sure I wont read the next chapters.

It`s funny, but in this books time, it has been three months after Caps death. This story arc took a year and a half to be finished. I hate that.

Luke Ross drew one part of this story, as explained before. Changing the artist in the middle of the story makes it a bit uneven. But, if it bothers you as much as it bothers me (very little) you`ll be fine.

I don`t feel that Epting got to use his full potential in this story (which is reasonable, since the story calls for it). Which is true. If you want to see his art used more effectively, check out his Fantastic four and/or FF-issues, for example.


Buy it and read it, because I know that I`m the only one who doesn`t like this series all that much. But, if you don`t like it either, I don`t recommend you to buy it. But, if you`re interested, loan it from somewhere, and read it.


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