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Death Note-a must see

It seemed to many fans of the manga and anime that Death Note could never work as a live action film, thankfully this Viz film is proof we were dead wrong. Now I am reviewing the English language version, so I can't critique the Japanese acting as I only understand every other word, but thankfully the voice-over actors who did the english dubs are the same cast who dubbed the anime into english, making this an easy adjustment  for American fans. While Death Note is not a gory film, mostly focussing on Kira's M.O. of giving his prey heart attacks, it is incredibly plot driven, and almost impossible to walk away from once you sit down and hit play. The demon Ryuk looks kind of cheesy and overly CGI in the otherwise realistic environment, but this is quickly overlooked as the intrigue pumps into overdrive. I'd recommend this film to any fan of Death Note as well as newcomers to the series. There are few suerprises to be had by fans of the Manga/Anime except perhaps the ending. Keep in mind this is the first installment of a trilogy, all three parts are now on DVD, in english, and totally worth watching, but the first film in particular is a must see. 
4 out of 5

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