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L  has now been given a limit of 23 days to live prior to himself writing his own name in Light's Death Note.  Light is now dead and L knows he can not let the Death Note fall into the wrong hands.  L embarks on a 23 mission trying to accomplish what Light did the wrong way, cleaning the world with Justice of the law.  He spends time until 7 days are left.  L has been sent a gift be a fellow operative under attack, a small child without a name.  L must care for this child for the time being.  But horrible news sweeps in and K an operative that has betrayed her country has now cooperated with a terrorist company to spread an unknown virus killing thousands to decrease the world population.  And a young girl named Maki is the cure.

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the Unnecessary sequel 0

 Really the tone of the movie is lower it in a fast way. Some of the dialogue was dumb well also the story was dumb. I licked the first 2 movies. Both are great storytelling movies but this one you can skip it and will not affect u at all. L didn’t have a challenge.  Try to find it in the blockbuster use the internet to rent it    ...

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Death Note 3, "L Changes the World." 0

Well to be honest the movie industry took out major plot elements from the series and manga.  This movie follows an alternate reality in which Light dies before L.  I assume this was installed because the majority wanted L to live due to his tremendous popular character design.  Near's hair has been turned to black and the deviant little Einstein personality has vanished from the plot.  To be honest I give it 4/5 good for fans bad for plot...

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A fitting end. 0

While this movie completely goes against the established Death Note lore, Manga or Anime, it serves it's purpose well as the close to a trilogy of live action films. L finds himself with 23 days left to live after writing his own name in the Death Note in anticipation of Light Yagami's actions, and now even though Kira is dead, and L has given his own life to stop the man who thought himself god, L is trying to solve as many crimes as possible in his final days on Earth, and despite Ryuk's attem...

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