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 Death-Doll on the scene
Liberty Lass and Mr. America made their mark as a crime-fighting husband and wife team that didn't know each others' secret identities. Mr. America eventually became the psychotic vigilante Bloodtype, and after a horrific accident Liberty Lass was pieced back together by the CIA as a cyborg. Ashamed of her plastic and metal body, Death-Doll became unbalanced and turned to crime. 
Bloodtype was killed following a battle with Aztek, and Death-Doll vowed revenge. She obtained weapons from Fixit and set up a trap for Aztek, ambushing Aztek while he was on a date with Joy Page. They fought, and Death-Doll was defeated. She tried to make her escape with teleporting wrist-bands, but they had been damaged. She teleported into the middle of Bloodtype's statue in the cemetery, and was seemingly killed.
Death-Doll was later seen during the Joker's Last Laugh as part of an all-female villain team formed by Circe to gain revenge on the males of the world. Death-Doll and Rosie the Riveter were seen having defeated the heroine Mirage. Circe's plan was stopped by the Joker, Luthor, and Wonder Woman, and it is presumed that Death-Doll escaped during the chaos.


Death-Doll's metallic and plastic skin is extremely tough, and she cannot feel pain. She has super-human strength, and is an expert hand-to-hand combatant. She is equipped with teleportation wrist-bands provided to her by Fixit, which allow her to teleport across distances as large as a city.

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