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Death of a man, birth of a villain.

John DeZoan, a convicted serial killer, was on death row in a Hartford, Connecticut prison. Protestors tried to stop the execution and this caused one jail official to question if his execution should be delayed. He was told it could not wait due to DeZoan already assaulting two inmates. Unfortunately for them, Moon Knight was also planning to break into the jail the same time DeZoan's execution was scheduled. Moon Knight had an an inside man and gave him tech to kill the power, allowing Moon Knight to slip in.

The flip was switched on DeZoan and he began to fry, but then Moon Knight's source killed the power. A doctor confirmed DeZoan was dead and everyone believed his execution overwhelmed the prison's power supply. Little did they suspect the turn of events gave DeZoan his powers and he broke free, and killed everyone in the room.

Major Story Arcs

Deadzone vs Moon Knight

His ultimate weapon, stolen from Moon Knight.

Trying to flee the prison with his new-found powers, Deadzone encounters Moon Knight. Moon Knight throws his adamantium truncheon at the villain's face, but much to his surprise, Deadzone catches it.

He quickly takes a liking to the weapon and realizes he can apply his new powers through the adamantium whip in the truncheon. He quickly stuns the hero and flees to continue what he believes to be his mission. The new villain strikes assorted gangs, some belonging to the Spider-Man villain Tombstone, and this angers the durable enemy. Moon Knight encounters Deadzone again and believes his superior agility will give him the upper hand, but yet again he is defeated.

Deadzone vs Tombstone

Deadzone then seeks out Tombstone. As the crime boss is in a limousine, Deadzone smashes his whips through the glass and yanks out the driver, revealing it was none other than Moon Knight in disguise. Moon Knight mocks him, informing him he's now wearing insulated armor for the occasion. The two have a violent back and forth, and Deadzone subdues him in the whips. Moon Knight over comes the attack and fires a volley of crescent daggers, all of which plunge into Deadzone and incapacitate him.

Deadzone's violent defeat.

Tombstone then offers a treaty with Moon Knight and grabs Deadzone by the neck, ready to kill him. Moon Knight tries to stop Tombstone, forcing him to drop Deadzone but he's swatted away. Deadzone then awakens and uses his power on Moon Knight yet again. Moon Knight once again overcomes and violently pummels Deadzone until the villain is beaten, bloodied, and knocked out. Deadzone is then taken into custody.

Powers & Abilities

Pain is no longer a concern.

Deadzone was given his powers through a freak accident during his execution in an electric chair. He was granted his new abilities by the electric surges reacting with the sedatives in his blood stream. He can channel his electric energy to overload a person's pain and pleasure synapses. He prefers to use his adamantium truncheons for this, which he took from Moon Knight.

The "miracle", as he calls it, also ravaged his nervous system. He states pain is no longer an enemy of his, but instead his constant companion as well as the source of his attacks.

Too fast to shoot.

It has been implied the accident also increased his speed. This was demonstrated by him being able to dodge gunfire from multiple opponents and catch Moon Knight's truncheon.


Deadzone uses Moon Knight's adamantium truncheons. This multi-purpose weapon can be used for blunt force trauma, throwing, extends into a bo-staff, or deploys as a whip.

Deadzone defeating multiple enemies with the truncheon.

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