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Not much is known about the woman known as Deadshot. She trained for a number of years before going into the hire to kill business. She eventually stole a stealth suit that was being developed by the government that was able to turn not only invisible but give off magnetic pulses that could mask any sound she made. She usually worked behind the scenes enjoying her work killing people by making it look like they died from natural causes. Eventually, a contract was put out on Spider-girl and Deadshot jumped at the chance. She decided to tail Spider-girl around the city but when the Chesbro warned Spider-girl about her arrival, Deadshot tried to kill him. However, thanks to May's spider sense she knew that Deadshot was in the room the whole time. The two battled through a few buildings as Spider-girl used her spider sense to zero in on Deadshot and avoid her deadly magnetic touches. The two soon fell into a wedding reception and due to Spider-girl arguing with the bride for crashing her wedding. Deadshot knocked out one the caterers and made an escape with her suit in a hand bag. With her contract on hold, she was assigned to kill the Crimelord but when she tried to get him, she killed the low level thug, Charlie Kunkle who was trying to capture Crimelord. It was revealed that Crimelord was Mona, Charlie's ex who originally stole the Fisk Files from him. She had made a fake disk and intended to sell it off and disappear with Charlie and start their lives over again. Spider-girl showed up and stopped Deadshot from killing Mona who was also arrested with Deadshot.    

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