My choice of actor 2 play Deadshot

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Eeew, Matthew McConaughey.

Josh Brolin FTW.

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Not Deadshot-y enough. NEEEEXT.

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Try again.

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@Spectre108 said:

Try again.

Or better yet don't.

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@dewboy01 said:

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No. I think Ryan Reynolds is alright as long as they do the character correctly.

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@The_Tree said:

Eeew, Matthew McConaughey.

Josh Brolin FTW.

I'm with this guy.

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mcConaughey - no

brolin - was already jonah hex and using that mentality deadshot would probably have a stupid unneeded power

reynolds- is the comic movie killer he should go nowhere near a comic let alone a script for a comic movie

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Definitely the new James Bond, Daniel Craig

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Jack Huston:

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I can sort of see Luke Wilson doing it. He sorta reminded me of Floyd in Arkham City.

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Now Prisoner 24601!

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