is it me?

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is it me or does deadshot look like tony with a new armor?

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scan/pic please

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is this okay?

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well that is how Deadshot looks. I guess when he wears his metal helmet and certain metal areas of his costume are reminiscent of Ironman but besides that its the typical deadshot look

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@Escherion said:


is this okay?
For a sec I thought it was Tony being assaulted by X-23
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I've always thought he had a striking resemblance to tony stark the first time I had saw him

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to me even thought he has a little meatle on his costume he looks nothing like tony stark with his new armor because tony stark whle costume is meatle and unlike the new iorn man deadshot has on eye for better killing accuracy and anyway deadshot is way cooler than iorn man
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As far as armor, not really. As far as physical human appearance, absolutely.


that makes 2 of us!

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