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There's been some Deadpool talk today, and it got me thinking...
I think we can all agree that Daniel way's run on Deadpool is going nowhere, with story arcs that have little to no impact on his character.
So lets just say that you were put in charge of the next big story arc, what would it be? what would happen? What supporting character would you have in it? 
For me i would definitely have Deadpool realize he's losing sight of who he is and what he does, and that he's getting a bad rep in the marvel U (And with the readers) so he returns to agency X, reopens it and rebuilds. Brings back Agent X, Taskmaster, Outlaw, and Sandi. And starts doing some real serious mercenary work. 

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I got a story 
Deadpool gets hired to grab Infinity Gems for Doom or some think and he has no idea what they are, the Illuminati calls a meeting and they find out that 4 of the gems have been stolen from which ever members. each members then get a team together and set out to find who ever stole the gems going to the usually places thinking it's some power evil guy. Then there's a lot fight in different places, didn't really think in detail at this part. in the end the person that he gives the gems to destroys the heroes at once and Deadpool completely regrets that he did and spends the next 1000 years (in a monolog panel) fight the guys with the gems because he can't die. He finial beats him and take the Gems and turns back time and kills Daniel Way  (if the Gems can do that) and undoes what he did.. 

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I got a story.
Deadpool, inspired by Deadpool Corps and annoyed by rejections from X-Men and Avengers, decides to create his own superhero team (he can't be rejected if he is a founding member, right?). He doesn't want any of his old team-ups to join, because he sincerely wants to turn a new leaf.
So the story is devoted to Deadpool's misadventures in creating a new team.

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