You Won't Believe Who DEADPOOL Kills in Next Killology Mini

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You Won't Believe Who DEADPOOL Kills in Next Killology Mini

By Albert Ching, Newsarama Staff Writer
posted: 04 April 2013 03:34 pm ET

Deadpool has met the enemy, and he is him.

Cullen Bunn is finishing what he started in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe and the currently unfolding Deadpool Killustrated with a new four-issue miniseries starting in July and illustrated by Salva Espin, Deadpool Kills Deadpool. The title is meant to be very literal, but it's not some type of internal conflict — it's the (even more) insane and (even more) homicidal Deadpool of Bunn's previous series targeting who he's come to blame for all of his problems — the relatively lighthearted Deadpool of the mainstream Marvel Universe that readers have followed the past 22 years.

Two Deadpools might sound like plenty, but this series is raising the stakes by incorporating just about every Deadpool you've ever seen before and a few new ones, including all the "Deadpool Corps," who starred in their own series in 2010 (you can guess some of the targets from the Mike Del Mundo-illustrated cover to #1, below).

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Who/When/What is Deadpool Noit is that Deadpool Pulp? I think GoldenAge was from Who Wont Wield tHe Shield, but Noir has lost me.

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DeadPool Pulp

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Hmm. Cant Wait.

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