X-Force series and Deadpool

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Salutations folks,

I be new here round these parts (so excuse any n00b-like sentiments). I've just started making my way through Deadpool Classic #2 and suffice to say; all the buzz was correct! I'm thoroughly enjoying the series and what especially gets me is the background to Deadpool.

I picked up X-Force #11 a couple of weeks ago (it was 50p and thought "why the hell not") not really thinking much of it at the time and this was before I started reading Classic #2. I picked up a couple more cheap issues (1 and 2) and notice Deadpool does make quite a regular appearance.

Anyway my question is whether the X-Force series is worth picking up? And if so up to what issue (i.e. when does Deadpool fade out of the series!?)?

Also, any recommendations for more background reading? I was thinking of just moving onto Classic #3 (as well as picking up Classic #1); Wade Wilson's War (as it's quite cheap... But that can also be the sign of a bad thing!); Merc With a Mouth (as I am a fan of the Zombs).

Thanks in advance for any advice you guys can provide!

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Deadpool is actually in the entire remender seriers 1-35. the uncanny xforce deadpool is pretty well written one, and uncanny xforce is an AWESOME series I'd for sure check it out my fav issues are 16,18,32,35 but really their all pretty good

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@BarneyTheCantankerous: Also in your checking out deadpool, in my opinion the best written deadpool is from cable deadpool written by fabian nicieza(aka co-creator of deadpool) and also deadpool written by joe kelly which seems to be the most popular deadpool of choice. People will say avoid danny way written deadpool, but really it's not that bad of a run. danny way I thought wasn't great but it was good, had some good story arches. but if you're lookin for best of deadpool the top three to check out are Cable&Deadpool, Deadpool Joe Kelly, and Uncanny Xforce deadpool. I also highly recommend deadpool classic #1 if you haven't read it already, give ya really good background on DP!

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