Will DeadPool and Cable Meet Again? (Spoilers)

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Awhile back it was announced that during the X Sanction event that DeadPool and Cable will be seeing each other again. So far this hasn't happened. Now with Cable being cured of the techno virus, but still in a catatonic state, is it possible that these Two Best Frenemies will ever see each other again? With DeadPool on the verge of killing himself and Cable in such a state, It holds little hope. But if they do see each other again , What do you think should happen?Do you think It'll be the same or terrible? Will Cable have any hand in the upcoming "DeadPool Reborn" Arc? Anyway What do you guys think. Should they meet again and if they do what should happen?

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i'm hoping they meet and stay friends honestly. They are the best "buddy cop" ever, the Cable deadpool series was amazing.

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One can only hope.

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If Cable has been repowered he may even be the one to resurrect Deadpool?

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@Rowen545: since when did deadpool die? they said he was going to but when you look at all the newer solicitations of comics wade is still there

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@DATNIGGA: I was speaking more hypothetically...

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I smell SITCOM.....

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Would be most excellent if they did

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@Man of Lengend said:

i'm hoping they meet and stay friends honestly. They are the best "buddy cop" ever, the Cable deadpool series was amazing.

Yeah, I would like to see these 2 in a new ongoing series.

Possibly a new Volume of Cable and Deadpool or after the Uncanny X-Force final execution arc have Cable get back the team although I would be satisfied just having Cable as a supporting character in Deadpool.

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I think eventually they will.

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If they team up and have their own book again or are in Deadpool's book,I don't want Daniel Way writing it.

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