Who should write Deadpool next?

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You guys are gonna think I am crazy, but my vote goes to Dan Slott.

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I'll miss him,I really liked the Evil Deadpool Arc.

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Rick Remender and Mike Benson are freaking great choices ... those are my top two followed by scottie young (Magneto Not a Hero) , he has a history with drawing deadpool already

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@evodmasters said:

You guys are gonna think I am crazy, but my vote goes to Dan Slott.

I could see that

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I'd like to see Fred Van Lente, he wrote the only good Deadpool team-up issue (The one with Hercules) and his Taskmaster mini series was freaking awesome.

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jeff parker or christ yost.

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Rob Liefield

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@k4tzm4n said:

I'd love to see Mike Benson pick up the series.

Who would you pick as the artist?

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I'd wish for Peter David with hopes that he'd have Siyrn hook up with Deadpool.

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Rick Remender.

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Brian Michael Bendis.

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Remender is doing some great stuff, but, my memory fails me, who wrote the Suicide Kings cross over with Frank, Daredevil and Spidey from years back? It felt like I was in the old Kelly days. I'd definitely get some of those guys on board. Oh and for the record, I always loved Scottie Young's covers. They made me think of title cards for a Deadpool animated series. The one with Spidey in the Cable Excess Liefeld Armor© and Wade was fantastic. :)

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Ed Brubaker

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I kinda want more from Joe Kelly, honestly. *kicks dirt because it probably won't happen*

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@bamaboykmb said:

Daniel Way's Deadpool rn is coming to an end so who will write Deadpool next

I say Rick Remender


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