Who Should Deadpools Ultimate Love-Interest Be?

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Well? Should it be Death? Copy Cat? Theresa? Someone else? He's got to have one for the film, but who do YOU think it should be?
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Well there are a few more to choose from than just them, like Sazae, Outlaw, Dr. Betty, and Lady Deadpool (hehe).   
Hmm, choices, choices!  
Let's do a pro vs. con thing...
Dr. Betty Pros:  
Dr. Betty Cons:  

Copycat Pros:  
Copycat Cons:  

Death Pros:  
Death Cons:    
Lady Deadpool Pros:  
Lady Deadpool Cons:
Outlaw Pros:  
Outlaw Cons:

Sazae Pros:  
Sazae Cons:  
Siryn Pros:  
Siryn Cons:

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Dr. Betty Pros: Easly the most attractive, deep down i think she like him
Dr. Betty Cons:  not in the main title, so little chance of going anywhere after MWAM

Copycat Pros:  He loved her ,and she is crazy too
Copycat Cons:  DEAD

Death Pros:  piss off thanos forever
Death Cons:    GRoss
Lady Deadpool Pros:  Masterbation
Lady Deadpool Cons: masterbation
Outlaw Pros:  hoestly i thin its the best choice for him, they already had a momnet in suicide kings. (best ending in a Dp title in a while)
Outlaw Cons: kinda unstable, but it works for her

Sazae Pros:  meh
Sazae Cons:  meh
Siryn Pros:  really enjoyed their most recent meeting , when she slept with him  but i feel she should be DP unatainable girl
Siryn Cons:  she has kinda moved on as a chacter, away from DP and is a great read in X factor 
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No Death is with Thanos, I will pick Dr. Betty.
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@Man of Lengend:

Your right about Siryn. She's his Gwen, just she's not dead. I would like to see them interact though. As friends. She could make Maddox jealous or something. No Betty. She's too...something. Maybe I should've said this when I did this, but I'm a total DPXDeath shipper, though Thanos deserves her and I know it will never happen. CopyCat would work for the movie though. It would add that nice bit of saddness a DP movie would need.
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@Man of Lengend: That masturbation gag made me laugh, thanks for the chuckle I needed that.
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I think Death is Deadpool's true love, she's the one he loves most but she is unreachable to him. 
He kind of got over the whole Siryn thing, and now they both do their own things now. The recent sex thing was just a one time thing even Siryn said that. 
I vote Outlaw, sure her and Agent X have a thing but who hasn't had a thing with Outlaw? The little flirt.

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Blind Al JK

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