Who is cooler deadpool or wolverine

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Who is cooler deadpool or wolverine?

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It's a tie.

In My Book.

I like em both about the same. I have feelings for them to a same degree.

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Personally I like Wolverine better, but Deadpool's cool too.

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For me it has to be Deadpool.

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is there any questions?

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Deadpool - the humor and incorrectness is so perfect:) Wolverine takes stuff waaayy to serious;)

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Wolverine.  Never any question

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@spidermonkey2099 said:

Personally I like Wolverine better, but Deadpool's cool too.

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@cattlebattle said:

Wolverine. Never any question


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Deadpool for his humor.

Wolverine has no sense of humor and the slang he portrays in his comics annoy me. Deadpool is much cooler as a character in appearance, while Wolverine is the hairiest, I don't see anything cool in his appearance. > . <

- Daaerk

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DP all the way! This made LOL!

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Punisher> Deadpool & Wolverine

but I like both of them

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