which makes more sense to you

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I recently have been having this great debate on Deadpoolbugle.com (great site) about the whole Wade Wilson issue.

Obviously Joe Kelly intended Deadpool to have stolen the identity. But Fabian kinda came in in completely negated that. It could always be negated back if another writer felt it was appropriate "it's depends on who's writing" after all.

But my question is this: Which history do you like better?

Wade Wilson escaping his violent life and upbringing from a violent father, going to college and falling in love with the girl of his dreams only to have it torn away from him by a nut job losing his mind and going back to his roots and becoming a mercenary. Eventually only to run into the man who took everything from him and that man keeps reappearing in his life.


Jack comes from the same violent upbringing but instead doesn't get away from it with his father's death. He joins the military but gets court marshaled due to unknown reasons. He goes into hiding taking on new personas every now and then. Eventually finding Wade Wilson and his beautiful wife and kills them both (the wife on accident). Due to this he decides to take that name and stick with it. Only to be tormented by his sins of the past when the man he killed returns from the dead to seek vengance.

Both can explaine certain parts of his personality.

If we go the Wade Wilson route he becomes more sympathetic. He need to belong and his heroic tendancies are more obvious. But if we go the Jack route his almost inabaility to trust thoughs around him and his killer instinct and weaposn training is more easily explained.

Also with the Jack route his whole Japan history makes a lot more sense but then again other parts of his history is more easily explained with the Wade Wilson route.

Any inconsistencies either way can be explained due to his brain being messed up but also by the psychological phenomenon of the false information effect. Have you ever heard the concept of someone telling a lie so many times they forget it's not true?

I don't know, I really liked this debate and wanted to open it up to more people. What do you think? And I rather not have flame fest s here I just thought it might be fun to share our thoughts on this issue. If someone doesn't agree however you don't need to make it an attack.

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the second one

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Well the Jack theory makes more sense (except for the whole T-Ray thing that he met Deadpool in Weapon X). Plus, it could make a much more sadistic character. But I prefer that Jack genuinely thought that he was Wade Wilson but his memories got mixed up with the original Wade Wilson. I wish there would be a mini series that could explain this with both writers sitting down together writing about it.

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Oh yeah. In order for it to make sense Jack would have had to thought he actually was Wade or nothing works.
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First one actually

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I'll go with the first one

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which ever floats your boat, as long as he is Deadpool in the end

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