What should I read?

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I have a ton of money saved up to spend on comics, and I'm going to spend most of it on Deadpool.
There's ALOT of Deadpool out there. Mini series, one shots, main series, ect.
What Deadpool mini-series, one shots, main series, graphic novels, ect should I buy?

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The ones we recommended in this forum, this forum, This forum, this forum, this forum, and this forum.
Can we get a moderator to post this thread or something? Cause I'm getting kind of tired giving the same answer over and over and over and over again. I enjoy that more people want to get into Deadpool but 6 (now 7) threads all asking the same question is more than enough.

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... Wow. I feel like a douche. My bad.

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@BuckyBarnes: Lol Don't feel too bad, But the Search Function is your friend. 
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@The Lobster : Though there is minor differences in each of those threads you posted. I'm not asking where I should start with Deadpool, because I've been collecting Deadpool for years now. What I'm mainly looking for are: One-shots, minis, graphic novels, ect., that I may have missed and are worth a look. There's tons of them.
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@BuckyBarnes: I understand, but still in all of those threads I linked too, members give off various one-shots, minis, graphic novels, and everything. It's all there. Everything worth taking a look has been recommended in one of those threads.
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Alright, thanks.

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