Was X-Men Origins: Wolverine realistic towards Deadpool?

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Okay, I finally watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine and saw what they did with Deadpool. Is his story accurate? Did he really become Weapon XI with all those powers? Does he really have swords in his arms? Does he really have Cyclops' laser eyes? I want to know if there is any truth to this story. Please someone help me out.

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In the comics he was a part of the Weapon X program (or the Weapon Plus program, not sure anymore). In order to cure his Cancer they gave him a healing ability.  He is incredibly scarred because his cancer and his healing factor are continually fighting and he appearance suffers for it. 
Not sure if the process made him insane or if he was already insane.
Thats it. No other powers or swords in his arms.
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@Griffin_2099: The powers list on the Deadpool page has some of the movie powers listed like teleportation.
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Deadpool teleports via a teleporter.
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It's not that faithful to the comic actually. His only power is his Healing Factor, and the side effects of that such as enhanced strength, stamina, and such. He doesn't have baraka blades, he has a device that lets him teleport, he is not Weapon XI, no way in hell did I ever expect anyone to think "hey, lets give Deadpool laser beam eyes and sew his mouth shut" and no way in the deeper parts of hell did I expect someone to say "What a great idea!" So no, its not "realistic" toward Deadpool

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Ryan Reynolds at the beginning was as close to DP as that movie got

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@reaper2923 said:
"Ryan Reynolds at the beginning was as close to DP as that movie got "
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xmen origins : wolverine was an epic cluster f**k it was an embarassment to comic movies surpassed only by batman and robin(the bat nipples put it ahead slightly) it should be stricken from our memories and the director, writer and production team should be publicly flogged for it
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1st off logan under went the procedure in the  late 60's or early 70's their was no deadpool then.....   
later in the comic world certain shadow government wanted to replicate  wolverine's attributes most noteably his healing factor.
problem was when logan escaped the weapon X compound yrs earlier he massacred majority of the ppl involved who knew anything about his DNA and how to splice it to regular ppl......... 
so the next shadow government decided to grab what they did know and create their own super soldier with ppl who would volunteer to undergo certain treatment..... the problem was that some of these volunteers didnt realize that shadow government dont have  a human resource and harassment office and government run programs that dont exist tend to be run by @$$holes with no moral constraints in order to be able to function in a clandestine illegal interfere.....
so deadpool or wade wilson went into the program in hopes of getting his cancer cured but discovered that he would only get beaten and tortured by a sadistic government employee who was fond of causing horrific death to the volunteers that failed certain procedures..
Deadpool was basically inside a secret government insane asylum where he wasnt being treated for anything and was actually making a lot of the patients worse off... making them derange, delusional ect ect...  eventually wade had lost hope along with many patients who had become unhinge and started placing bets on who would be killed next or die in a failed procedure apparently he had also develop certain friendships inside  the place and would use witty pander to hide the emotional damage of watching ppl die around him...
eventually it was his turn to undergo the experiment which he failed and was tortured and killed by one of the employees by having his heart removed.....
when his heart was removed he started hearing voices and thinking he was dieing he saw a woman waiting for him it was death,,,,,
well he was willing to die but the employee who killed him was gloating over killing him and wades friends.... wade hearing the employee gloating started to become angry and turned away from death... at that moment and his will to survive and get revenge jump started his Healing factor that was based on Wolverine regrowing his heart and killing everyone in the lab and freeing the patients....
the reason why wade has a grotesque face is that he had cancer and the Healing factor regenerates his cells even his damage cancer cells at an accelerated rate so his face and body is covered in course dry skin that appears like scar tissue  at times and since the HF wont let him die his body heals with damage cancer cells and also causes his brain to suffer certain chemical imbalances because his brain cells are also always dieing and regenerating causing him to forget things and also make him hyper active...... 


 all you DP fans go ahead read it correct me and fill in what i missed
think of it as the worse V.A. and old home nursing center and government foster homes  from hell all rolled into one
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That "thing" in Wolverine was a disgrace.
What we saw at the start was basically Deadpool, just a less ugly, insane and self loathing version.

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besides the fact that he had two swords that damn movie wasnt faithful to the deadpool comics in anway wayyyy possiblee and it still getss me maddd....
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To be fair though Ryan Renolds has it spot on. It wasn't a Deadpool movie, it was a Wolverine movie. And Wade Wilson and Weapon XI served their purposes to the plot. Deadpool being in Wolverine at all was simply a tip of the hat to the fans and a way to test the waters to see if he would have an audience for his own movie. And with the massive backlash against Weapon XI and the praise for Wade Wilson, it proves there is an audience there.

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I refuse to acknowledge Weapon XI as Deadpool
but the Wade Wilson at the start was pretty accurate, personality and skill-wise (not looks-wise, unless they were going for pre-Weapon X Wilson)

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IDK, but I heard there is going to be a X-Men Origins: Deadpool movie due to popular demand.

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They did not accurately portray Deadpool at all.  From my understanding, Weapon XI is a different character in the comics and he is much more similar to the character in the movie.

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@ReverseNegative said:
" IDK, but I heard there is going to be a X-Men Origins: Deadpool movie due to popular demand. "
Yeah, i heard they got the Zombieland writers on the project and Reynolds is playing the part again. He did say this was gonna be a more comics-accurate version, scarred face and all.
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Was ok, but was not totally  impressed.  They ruined Deadpool and it lacked in a lot of areas.  A lot of loose ends

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it was probably the worst take on a super hero i've ever seen. sword arms? WEAK. however deadpool in the hulk v.s. wolverine cartoon was pretty good.

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I think it was pretty cool and yes i read deadpool comics all the time but adding more powers onto deadpool was kick ass and entertaining

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I felt Ryan Reynolds scene was better than the entire film.

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Lets just say, Ryan Reynolds was a GREAT Wade Wilson, but a HORRIBLE Deadpool. This is mostly due to bad writing. Deadpool is known as the "Merc With The Mouth" and they took away his mouth (which makes absolutely no sense). Also, his katana swords are not retractable adamantium claws in the comics, They're just katanas. If they do make a Deadpool movie, they should defiantly keep Reynolds as Wade Wilson. But since Deadpool wears a mask, due to his scared skin, they should hire a different actor to play the crazy loud mouth mercenary we all know and love.

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Lets just say, Ryan Reynolds was a GREAT Wade Wilson, but a HORRIBLE Deadpool. This is mostly due to bad writing. Deadpool is known as the "Merc With The Mouth" and they took away his mouth (which makes absolutely no sense). Also, his katana swords are not retractable adamantium claws in the comics, They're just katanas. If they do make a Deadpool movie, they should defiantly keep Reynolds as Wade Wilson. But since Deadpool wears a mask, due to his scared skin, they should hire a different actor to play the crazy loud mouth mercenary we all know and love.

Ryan played Wade but Scott Adkins actually played "weapon XI" so as you said Reynolds should continue as Wade but lets wait till he actually play deadpool before judging if he can do the job

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I'm not a big stickler about movies following comic book canon. Especially when comic books themselves typically do an awful job of following their own canon.

That being said, the Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was an abomination. An complete bastardization of the character.

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He sharpened katanas with a sharpening stone.. katanas... with a sharpening stone.... nuff said...

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@the_cardinal: in ultimate spider man season 2 episode 16 "ultimate deadpool" portrays him spot on and shows off his skills much more he makes taskmaster look foolish without even trying

And he constantly breaks the fourth wall while spider man has no idea how he's doing it, it's great

*Deadpools standard feats-

-Regenerative healing factor

-Superhuman stamina, agility, flexibility and reflexes

-Devices that allow for teleportation and holographic disguise

-Carries a magic satchel

-Extended longevity

-Immunity to telepathy

-Master martial artist, swordsman and marksman


People gotta stop slacking on him

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The beginning of the movie Wade was true to the true comic book version of Wade Wilson. What they screwed up though was the fact that his most funny yet kinda trade card is that he has the hugest mouth in all of Marvel comics Spider-man comes a close second though and they completely messed it when they muted him like that. They shouldn't have given him so much powers he only truly had two in the comics. The first being the healing factor and the second being teleportation. Another thing that they ruined is that Dead-pool always breaks the fourth wall and also has an unlimited arsenal. Oh and Dead-pool has two voices in his head one is the original Wade the mercenary and the other a complete sociopath.

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I feel as if some of you guys are forgetting is that: 1, it's a movie and 2,this is an origin story. So don't bag on Deadpool too quickly. No one would want to see a movie exactly like a comic.there'd be mo surprises. You should appreciate that they added powers to Deadpool. In a way doesn't that make him cooler? And when you complain that the finished product doesn't talk,this is still an origin story remember? How the Merc with the Mouth came to be. Plus, with something to prove that I'm right, if you see the very end of the movie, you see Deadpool, head chopped off, the stitches are removed, and he looks straight at the camera, says "Shhhhh", thus breaking the fourth wall and possibly give us the Deadpool we all know and hate to love.

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Well in the movie you saw Deadpool with is mounth closed. I find that really strange because they call him 'the merk with a mounth', so I did a little bit of research end i found that on the ending scene he had his mounth open and no body (he puts his body togheter) so I think that in 2016 they only have to worry about his cancer issue.

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I'm really late to the party I know, but I actually think this was a great Hollywood origin and was wondering what you guys thought. First of all, Hollywood is always going to change the story, so we can't expect it to be perfect. Plus, how could they use the old story if it made them show a man virtually made of cancerous tumors every time he takes the mask off or gets pieces blown off?

Also, the construct that was in the last fight was NOT Deadpool, it was just the origin of Deadpool. As soon as he woke up from the control, he'd be right back to the chatterbox we know and love. As for the arm swords, Deadpool doesn't have the adamantium body that Wolverine rebuilds itself around, so as soon as he goes splat, the swords won't regenerate with him. They were just added because the general was trying to copy Wolverine and knew nothing about sword fighting. No doubt that's why the construct rarely used them during the fight, they're useless.

The mutant powers also explain things that would have taken a lot of unnecessary back story, like the teleportation device. They might even be able to explain the fourth wall and magic satchel via his insanity reacting to a mutants mental power that was probably needed in conjunction with the technomancers to control him. Almost like the Phoenix in that he can't be bound to the real world to get its full potential.

So you had the motor mouth mercenary with skills perfectly set up, then added incredible powers, and finally a really good reason for his insanity. They even had a good torture/prison situation for him to pick up the name Deadpool.

More I think about it, the more I think that it was a pretty ingenious new origin story. Certainly not completely accurate, to answer the OP, but not any less accurate than any other movie. They'll probably make the cyclops eyes and a couple other things conveniently disappear, but that's Hollywood for ya.

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When he falls into the nuclear power thing f that's what it is he might have heavy damage to his mutant powers but healing which keeps him alive and what he looks like is why he wares the suit and makes him insane, and also the reason he wants revenge because he knows hes a monster

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