Ultimate Spider-Man - 'Ultimate Deadpool' Clip

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why does Deadpool sound like a eunuch?

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Eh... They definitely needed to hire Nolan North. You just can't replace the guy and do Deadpool's voice justice. The dialogue isn't SO bad for a tamer version of Deadpool. I mean people have to keep in mind that this is a kid's show. Though they still could have done a better job.

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F!@# Nolan North, we need JOHN KASSIR.

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He sounds like Spider-Man's weirdo cousin!

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Yeah, that voice just doesn't fit at all. Sorry, just not feeling it myself.

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terrible voice but this needs to happen

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I haven't been watching this show but I think I need to see this episode. I still think I like the voice from the Ultimate Alliance games better for Deadpool. They really should have had him in Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes. He's funnier when contrasted to something way more serious like EMH.

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So I see this show hasn't gotten any better good at all.

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@mutant_god: Yes! Kassir was great!

I don't find this annoying voice any better or worse than Nolan North's, not a fan of either depictions.

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Took the words right out of my mouth! thanks

@nickxh said:
Loading Video...

Seriously. What the fuck? Excuse my french.

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I watched this clip because I wanted some Nolan North in my morning. I did not get Nolan North in my morning! I am disappointed! (well, okay, the Hulk vs. Wolverine bits, but I already knew those were awesome..)

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As someone who watches Ult Spider-Man and enjoys most of the time- Though Spectacular is by far and away the superior show, this is a stupid move.

1. Alot of Spider-Man's antics and characteristics in this show perfectly mirror Deadpool's- The Fourth Wall, silly Humor, lack of forward thinking etc.

2. Other aspects of Deadpool are going to be flat out ignored because its a Kids show. Already you can tell they have mixed up his origin story to avoid the fact that he is an assassin, and came up with some half fabricated story which doesn't even make sense. Deadpool's naturally violent nature is going to be ignored as well, because of the nature of the show.

Thus Deadpool becomes a useless addition.

3. His voice sucks

Again, I enjoy Ult Spider-Man, but when the quality is like this, I only real tune in because its the only place we can see Peter as Spider-Man.............

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Deadpool's 1 second cameo in the 80's X-Men cartoon is better than this.

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Well they kicked up the viole... no

Well Someone got injur... no

They said the word "Dead" and didn't just call him "Wade"... yes

Some faith in humanity... restored? Oh god this was just bad, the voice made me wanna mute the video.

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Maaannn, this episode sucked. Deadpool just doesn't work for a mainstream, Disney produced animated show that's supposed to be for kids. It's as bad as if they put the Punisher in the show. Why would they do this? I watched the episode and it's tremendously bad. Nothing about Deadpool's character is the same. No Weapon X. No scarred appearance. They literally just took the wackiness of Deadpool and changed everything else. And the voice was BAD. I do respect and admire Will Friedle for voicing Terry McGinnis, but why didn't they just get Nolan North to do this? If anything would have saved it, it would have been his voice.

I wasn't so sure there was anything good about "Ultimate Spiderman" to begin with, but this just makes it take the cake of being the worst animated TV show Marvel has produced thus far.

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Is everyone taking crazy pills? This Deadpool was great. He was in character, so besides the voice I don't see a reason to complain. He even tried to unalive taskmaster. It had me laughing a few times

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Is everyone taking crazy pills? This Deadpool was great. He was in character, so besides the voice I don't see a reason to complain. He even tried to unalive taskmaster. It had me laughing a few times

People are just angry about it because they refuse to just get over the fact that Spectacular Spider-man isn't coming back and was replaced with this, so they find any excuse to rant over this show they can.

Personally as a long time Deadpool fan and Joe Kelly enthusiast (Seriously, the best Deadpool writer period), I loved this episode. I was actually surprised how well Deadpool worked in this chaotic environment, plus the show actually allowed itself to get a little dark and serious for a minute to show kids that Deadpool isn't the kind of comic book character you should think of as a role-model.

Plus it gave us this lovely little bit of fun....

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Deadpool character is awesome in this episode at least it shows off his fighting skills , the voice should be changed tho for sure

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