The only really good Deadpool Fan Films

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Deadpool a Typical Tuesday: Deadpool Fan Movie: You guys have to watch these they kick ass!

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Deadpool A Typical Tuesday has the better jokes, and a bit more of a better story but the stunts and choreography are a bit weak.  The costume is great and the actors do a good job, especially the guy who plays Deadpool.
The other one however is the exact opposite. 
Deadpool Fan Movie has the better choreography and stunts, and the look is very well done I like the little flash of comic book art. But I didn't laugh once, which isn't good for a film about the Merc With A Mouth. The costume is also kinda weak sauce.
Now if only the guys who wrote and stared in a Typical Tuesday, teamed up with the guy who directed Deadpool Fan Movie, then we'd have a Deadpool fan film that would make all the hardcore pool-fans sheet bricks and cream their pants.

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