The movie in a Development Hell?

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In the jargon of the media-industry, "development hell" (or "development limbo") is a period during which a film or other project is trapped in development. A film, television program, screenplay, computer program, concept, or idea stranded in development hell takes an especially long time to start production, or never does.

The film industry buys rights to many popular novels, video games, and comics, but it may take years for such properties to be successfully brought to the cinema, and often with considerable changes to the plot, characters, and general tone.

It looks like it,

John Carter, based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom stories, was mired in Development Hell since 1931, as almost every major studio in Hollywood tried and failed in putting a film together. At various points in the 2000s, Robert Rodriguez, Kerry Conran, John Favreau, and Brad Bird had been attached to direct the project. In 2006, Disney acquired the rights after Paramount's attempt at filming it failed, Paramount having acquired the rights from Touchstone (a Disney company) in 2002. Actual filming began in January 2010, and was released in March of 2012 — just in time for the 100th anniversary of the first published John Carter story (a DVD extra is even titled "A Century Into Making"). TheMockbuster version by The Asylum actually came out a full three years before the official adaptation did.

Dont blame me for having no faith in Ryan Reynolds making this movie anymore, i mean if this movie didnt star filming before Avengers 3, it means is so damn dead in a pool.

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it means is so damn dead in a pool.

I see what you did there.

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I dunno, because it seems there's a big uproar of new fans for Deadpool (And yippee! A DEADPOOL VIDEO GAME. I DON'T CARE IF WAY WROTE IT IUDFSHKLDSJFHKLJ), so I'm sure they're gonna want to cash in on it. It does seem like it's not gonna happen sometimes, but I think maybe it's just not the right time? Obviously they need to get their sh*t together v__v

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@HarlequinKiss: Deadpool was more popular 3 year ago, Deadpool isnt getting more popular, also it had the momentum the crappy Wolverine movie give it to him.

Also, the more time it pass, the lmore Marvel movie get made, what meand the more sick people gets about superhero movies, worst since Marvel plans to do movies about character that shouldnt even had a freacking cameos in the movies.

@CrimsonCake said:

it means is so damn dead in a pool.

I see what you did there.

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@DeathpooltheT1000: Good points. Yeah, I looked up the sales data and he has been declining. I guess he just feels more popular to me because I'm meeting more people who are into him and they keep making new stuff? I dunno. I'm hoping people don't get sick of superhero movies because I just freaking love them, but you know, people move on.

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@HarlequinKiss: Blame Marvel for the fact they make movies about every single character they think, i mean the Immortals and Protectors of the Galaxy i think are called, arent even famous with comic book nerda and do we really need a Black Widow movie_

Deadpool is getting more mainstream the problem, is that he isnt being know as a power player and for the same there is small chance it will get his own movie.

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@DeathpooltheT1000: Well, now I'm just bummed.

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Any one have a copy the that Deadpool script that was supposed to be good? If it is not going to be made I would like to know what could have been.

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They should hold it off for a while and make him appear in a cartoon or in another movie like Hulk Vs(2009).

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I can live without a Deadpool movie for quite some time.

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@evodmasters: Yeah seriously! I forgot that was leaked!!

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@evodmasters: I got a b + in some website, is easy to find it, since it was posted every single website.

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