The Deadpool game is terrible

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It isn't even mediocre and delivers comic references that make it tolerable. Its bad, really bad. Of course thats subjective, but I was so optimistic, I bordered on saccharine.

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To me it is a mediocre game with solid humor.

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I'm not expecting amazing gameplay from Deadpool in the slightest. I expect easy controls, basic animations, but most importantly, memorable storyline with plenty of laughs along the way.

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And the world was shocked, yea, to hear that Marvel's most famous one-trick-pony failed to deliver.

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@end_boss: Yeah, its a blatant money grab but it had potential.

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I sure hope someone picks up that phone..

Because I f***ing called it!

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Yea Giant Bomb really didn't like it

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Daniel Way wrote it. You shouldn't be surprised.

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Unsurprising, considering it's source material.

Ha! Kidding.

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Its exactly what I expected. Which is why I enjoyed it. Its just a hack n slash and the comedy is hilarious. If you expected anything more than that, you deserve to be disappointed lol

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Its exactly what I expected. Which is why I enjoyed it. Its just a hack n slash and the comedy is hilarious. If you expected anything more than that, you deserve to be disappointed lol

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Not surprised.......from the trailer you could see it was a bland game.

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did anyone expect a good game?

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What do you expect? It was pretty much Duke Nukem if you kept breaking the fourth wall.

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DC should one up Marvel by making an awesome Deathstroke game!!

It would be like COD and Assassin Creed put together :S

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@ishadow: Did it, though? Did it really?

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Its not that bad, more of a game to rent than buy tho. Its not terribly difficult to play and you get a few chuckles from the dialogue but I'd say wait till it shows up in a redbox or a bargain bin.

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Not surprising. The graphics alone are a bad joke.

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I figured it would be bad. Nothing would have made me happier than to hear it was good and see it get high ratings on the game review sites, but I was pretty sure that was going to happen. None of the trailers or screenshots I saw ever even gave me hope that it might be anything more than mediocre at best. Plus, I don't even like the High Moon games that have been well received.

I can't even remember the last time there was a good Marvel game that wasn't by Raven Software. Marvel needs to get them back making their games, because it seems like whoever is in charge at Marvel of licensing these out to other developers doesn't know anything about gaming. Well, at least Lego Marvel should be fun.

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I enjoyed the game alot was sure the gameplay gets repetitive but every game does that,i just wish deadpool had more skills & weapons but overall i'd give it an 8/10 .

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Its deadpool you never expect anything good from it.

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Well it may not be the greatest but atleast have a deadpool game now and I feel like if more work was put into this game it could be just about as good as the Arkham Games one day

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the amount of swearing got to me. jeez he hardly swears in comics, but there are funny jokes and that zelda homage was pretty sweet. and big PLUS every female character is ............ STACKED. oh and those camera angles.........

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Comedy is subjective, so I think the higher tolerance you have for Deadpool (the character) and the less exposure you have to meta-humor in video games correlates to how much you find the game "funny". I thought the stuff from Giant Bomb's quick look as well as the footage pre-release trailers looked pretty dire but if you enjoy the game's sense of humor, good for you.

I'm just burnt out on jokes like "look I'm in a video game, this is a bad video game mechanic har har har" because stuff like The Simpsons Game & Eat Lead already made the same jokes YEARS ago.

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what did you expect, there hasnt been a good marvel game since spiderman 2

#28 Posted by BaneStrokeLoboGrundyBatArrow (1411 posts) - - Show Bio

Meh.... My complaints are no online no secret things to unlock and nothing pulls you to play it again!

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@ccraft see this game is very basic they didn't do anything new or that has already been done half of you are probably just wanna come on here and bad mouth it have everyone here actually played it or did they watch it on YouTube I'm very proud with my purchase they didn't ruin the franchise everyone thinks that the standards are all call of duty get your head out of your ass and grow up call of duty had sold out and became Shit it was so bad Activision had to call on treyarch to save the franchise and they haven't made a game since world at War so fuck all of you if you wanna hate go hate somewhere else and not butch about just to birch about it play it do massive combos deadpool would be disappointed in all ofyou so just go ahead and delete your account and never come back

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i'll rent it. won't buy it.

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the solid comic humor was good but not the gameplay.

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@sukitwolvie23: I played the game on Pc by all means its not a terrible game.I've read some of deadpool's comics from the 90s but yeah this game could of been better It just needs alot of worl I hope theirs a sequel.But I have seen far more terrible games then this its atleast 4.5/10 but deadpool isnt for everyone

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WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?? "Deadpool:Arkham City"?! It was EXACLY what we should have expected!....

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It's just funny to see people say "ehh the game was alright, maybe not the greatest, it does have some bugs, and sure it's only 5 hours but over all it made me laugh...8.5/10 "

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To be honest,I was surprised on the ignorance that I saw from was staggering. Some people don't know the character,and I don't expect them to (like theradbrad),others are equally ignorant and still don't know what they're talking about..

for example:

Deadpool is an assassin

Deadpool is a superhero

Deadpool would kill anything

Deadpool works for Magneto

Deadpool works for Weapon X

Deadpool is a member of the XMEN (which he WAS,and he WAS a member of Uncanny X force)

etc. I understand if you don't really know the character,he's incredibly popular but not a household name.And the summaries the game gives you doesn't even scratch the surface of the characters. It's so simple,even outdated. The wikipedia summaries (which still don't go deeper into the character and their history) is far more thorough. But I can understand if you don't know a lot about the character....but please don't base your knowledge on those useless "character summaries".

Anyway,this is just rambling. The game was not the best...

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Noooooo, it was generic and using Deadpool as a gimmick!!!

Waht a shock!!!

I was being sarcastic, since i saw the trailer i notice it was a generic game and they just decide to put Deadpool on it.

I am happy for him, but i am sick and tired of Daniel Way.

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Yeah! but hopefully High Moon Studios; will upgrade the features, in the Deadpool sequel! (Should they decide to make a sequel!)

But aside from that, come on everyone! Deadpool; is an amazing character! He deserves a chance for redemption! Deadpool; cannot keep being a "tag-along" in other video games! He needs his own game, to be his "Awesomely Extreme Bad-Ass" self, taking names and breaking skulls!! (And Vise Versa!).

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@daw327: yeah you know I actually really enjoyed the game it's a solid Deadpool game

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I haven't played it but my brother-in-law really enjoyed it. He's coming over this weekend so I'l tell him to bring it so I can play.

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I haven't played it but my brother-in-law really enjoyed it. He's coming over this weekend so I'l tell him to bring it so I can play.

Yeah, definitely give it a chance. People are tough on it because people just love to hate anything based on a comic that isn't a comic. It's overall a generally fun action game with a lot of great comic references. Deadpool's just as funny and kickass as he always is.

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@end_boss said:

And the world was shocked, yea, to hear that Marvel's most famous one-trick-pony failed to deliver.

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I gave up hope for it after I heard Danial Way was writing it.

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I think it was ok...
I loved the humor,but the storyline....hmmm, Mr Sinister,really???
And its sort as well,I bet you can complete the game in 5-6 hours.

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I heard a ton of bad things about the game, so went in not excepting much out of the game. Loved every minute of playin it thou, total blast for me. Wasn't the best game, but I wasn't expecting it to be. Daniel Way was the worst writer for deadpool, but I still enjoyed his comics, but his work on the game is like 10 times better than the comics he did, being as the game allows for some heavier language. If you can't laugh at lowbrow humor don't try the game, but if you can enjoy some stupid jokes about boobs and tacos you'll have a great time with this game like I did.

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